“The importance of creating inclusive technologies like the hybrid event room is deeply personal for me.”

During the pandemic, Experience Lead Sascha Ackermann and his team set out to make meetings and events more inclusive, for both remote and on-site teams. The result was Microsoft’s first hybrid event room.
Thad Stafford wears a green jacket in front of a blue colorful background.

“It wasn’t until I started learning about all the different types of PTSD that I realized you don’t have to have fought in war to have it.”

For Customer Success Account Manager Thad Stafford, struggles with PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse disorder led to an early retirement from law enforcement—and an unexpected fresh start.
Microsoft employee Lewis Curtis standing outside beneath trees

“My goal is for this work to outlive me so others can use this to help people.”

After a personal crisis, Lewis Curtis dedicated his fix-it attitude to help people in the wake of disaster.
Jay Witcher

“During the last two weeks, I learned a lot more about his life and realized I was wrong about him.”

My father died last November. I am a wounded veteran, and like many others just like me, I’ve dealt with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of all the death and dying I’ve seen—deaths that were not peaceful. My dad’s passing was so different. He was in his home and took his last breaths quietly, while...