Cornelius Parker

“I feel like the first draft pick for Microsoft in Atlanta.”

As the first Microsoft engineer in Atlanta, Cornelius Parker taps into his Southern hospitality and longtime local roots.
A photo of a man wearing a bowtie

“Yes, it’s about celebrating legacies and achievements. But it’s also about empowering the future.”

Xbox employee Garron Ballard wants everyone—players, developers, and content creators alike—to feel represented and welcome in gaming. For Black History Month, he led a community effort to research and curate games, movies, and TV that highlight Black protagonists and experiences.
Akosua Boadi-Agyemang

“Through our individual challenges and victories, our stories can build a quilt to cover one another.”

Akosua Boadi-Agyemang relied on LinkedIn to share early career struggles. Since then, she’s built a thriving online community based on her bold journey to success.
Quita Barnett

“Cooking is my happy place. It reminds me of family gatherings back home and cooking in my grandma’s kitchen.”

Quita Barnett’s earliest memories include preparing catfish and polenta with her grandmother. Watch how Quita honors her grandmother through this family dish.