Abstract Illustration about Manuel
Animated Story

Freedom in uncovering

Manuel Pereira has been navigating life with epilepsy. From concealing his condition to being vocal about his needs, Manuel shares a journey of strength, acceptance, and the power of a supportive workplace, illustrated by Fred Campbell.

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Anything is possible when everyone is included. Discover stories told and illustrated by members of the disability community at Microsoft and around the world.
Category: Animated Story

What leaders look like

Shrivaths Iyengar worried that coworkers would be reluctant to follow a leader who had disabilities. Instead, he discovered that his experiences made him a stronger, more empathetic manager. Illustrated by Ananya Rao-Middleton.

Abstract Illustration of Nichole Kurz
Category: Animated Story

Balancing Act

Nichole Kurz was used to juggling her job, her life, and her anxiety. But at the moment she achieved her biggest professional goals, she found that her mental health threatened to bring it all crashing down.

Category: Animated Story

No shame

Thiago struggled to keep his ADHD and anxiety a secret, until working through a mental health crisis led him to realize that his differences brought a unique perspective to his work. Illustrated by Jason Wilsher-Mills.

Illustration for Emmanuelle
Animated Story

Innovating beyond the mind’s eye

Emmanuelle Rodrigues Nunes has an invisible disability that prevents her from visualizing things in her mind. Now she proves that she can do anything that anybody else can, working passionately to spread awareness of aphantasia. Illustrated by Dana Kearly.

Accountable for progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond—exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Informing experience

7.8% of US employees voluntarily self-identified as having a disability in 2022. Self-ID data helps us create a more informed and inclusive experience for employees.

Intentional partnerships

We partnered with the Center for Civic Design to launch the Disability Voting Index, a new tool that helps ensure more people with disabilities across the US can participate in the electoral process.

Inclusive hiring

Our Neurodiversity Hiring Program gives candidates the opportunity to showcase their unique talents, gain an understanding of Microsoft’s culture, and meet with members of the neurodiverse community.

Ways to engage

Discover movies, TV, and games selected by the disability community at Microsoft, plus more ways to learn and take action.