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Inclusion is Innovation: Disability Community image collage of people

Inclusion is Innovation: Disability Community

Anything is possible when everyone is included. Discover stories told and illustrated by members of the Disability community, at Microsoft and around the world.

More Stories

Naomi Boyd headshot

Making Space

With a background more in humans than in technology, Seattle-based Community Manager Naomi Boyd helps steer cultural transformation for Microsoft’s Advertising Team in her everyday interactions.

Thad Stafford headshot

The Power of Empathy

For Customer Success Account Manager Thad Stafford, living with PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse disorder empowers him to connect more intentionally with customers.

Thiago Gomes headshot

Origin Story

Thiago Gomes had gotten used to wearing a mask, hiding his anxiety and ADHD for most of his life. But when he decided to open up to his coworkers, he discovered something unexpected: a supportive community and a better way of working. Discover his innovation story, illustrated by artist Jason Wilsher-Mills.

Sascha Ackermann headshot

Rethinking Remote

During the pandemic, Experience Lead Sascha Ackermann and his team set out to make meetings and events more inclusive, for both remote and on-site teams. The result was Microsoft’s first hybrid event room.

Nidhi Jain headshot

New World Views

Diagnosed with a visual disability in her teens, Senior Product Manager Nidhi Jain advocates for assistive technologies in the workplace designed to meet people where they are.

Nichole Kurz headshot

Balancing Act

“Now, I’m not afraid. It’s okay to be the whole person that I am. It’s okay to be all of Nichole.” Nichole Kurz was used to juggling her job, her life, and her anxiety. But at the moment she achieved her biggest professional goals, she found that her mental health threatened to bring it all crashing down. Discover Nichole Kurz’s story, brought to life with illustrations by Jonathan Soren.

Accountable for Progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just brand promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond – exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Informing experience

7.8% of US employees voluntarily self-identified as having a disability in 2022. Self-ID data helps us create a more informed and inclusive experience for employees.

Intentional partnerships

We partnered with the Center for Civic Design to launch the Disability Voting Index, a new tool that helps ensure more people with disabilities across the US can participate in the electoral process.

Inclusive hiring

Our Neurodiversity Hiring Program gives candidates the opportunity to showcase their unique talents, gain an understanding of Microsoft’s culture, and meet with members of the neurodiverse community.