Megumi Voight - adventurous, harmonious, chaos

“You are enough. You wouldn’t be here if someone here didn’t think you were incredible.”

Raised with values rooted in her Japanese heritage, Megumi Voight found solace in community during deployments while in the military. Now as a managing editor of customer storytelling at Microsoft, she empowers global voices, advocating for authenticity and reminding others of their inherent worth.
Vishal Amin - Perseverance, emotional, social intelligence

“Innovation means investing yourself, your superpower, to do more good for the betterment of others.”

After falling victim to a public data breach, Vishal Amin developed a passion for cybersecurity and set out to defend digital spaces. He traces his journey from his Marine Corps enlistment to becoming managing director of security solutions at Microsoft, embodying the ethos to promote a safer digital world.
Petrus Johnson - serious, passionate, inquisitive

“What I love most about my job is the opportunity to make a difference.”

Upon joining the US Marines at age 17, Petrus Johnson promised his mom he’d get a college degree, and he delivered. Now a customer success account manager, he honors his roots by guiding fellow veterans and fostering social justice discussions beyond the workplace

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At Microsoft, we believe different perspectives lead to a brighter future. Discover stories of innovation and inspiration from Microsoft employees and artists.

A mother’s love

Meet Megumi Voight, managing editor of customer storytelling at Microsoft, whose possessions speak volumes about her journey. From her mother’s protective amulet to a cherished challenge coin marking professional growth, each item resonates with Megumi’s personal evolution and resilience.


A captain’s treasure

We hold on to items over time and watch them become symbolic for where we’ve been and what we’ve done. For Petrus Johnson, an essay, insignia, and audiobook all hold significance to his path so far.

Animated Story

On the front line of change

When Jasmin, a security expert in the Australian military, started transitioning from defense, her first battle was against self-doubt. Now, she’s fighting to empower veterans like herself to achieve more and win their own battles.
Featured Artist: Debs Lim


A journey told in wings and words

For Vishal Amin, relics like his “thinking ball,” his first wings earned in the US Marine Corps, and treasured letters from his family offer comfort and remind him of who he is and what he’s both accomplished and overcome. These objects help to portray Vishal’s journey of duty, sacrifice, and gratitude.

Illustration for Mary McCready's story
Animated Story

A commitment to service

Mary McCready, a US Marine Corps veteran and Microsoft content manager, has dedicated her life to helping others—from fellow vets, to Microsoft customers, to humanity as a whole. Discover Mary’s story of innovation and ingenuity, illustrated by artist Edward Dinzole.

Accountable for progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond—exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Intentional flexibility

We aim to support employees within and beyond the workplace including by extending paid military leave of absence with uninterrupted healthcare benefits for employees called to serve.

Increasing access

Through the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy, we provide transitioning service members and veterans with technical training to build on their enormous skillset in today’s growing technology industry.

Insights that inform

We are building the infrastructure to better understand and explore identity as a company. We expanded employee self-identification options to include military experience, creating more visibility for this community at Microsoft.

Invested in inclusion

In recognition of our sustained support for National Guard and reserve employees, Microsoft is a three-time award winner by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

Ways to engage

Learn how Xbox is partnering with the USO to support active duty service members and their families through gaming.