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Inclusion is Innovation

We’re activating the same ingenuity, intention, and experience behind our most groundbreaking technological innovations to develop solutions to the diversity and inclusion challenges in our workplace and our world.

Stories behind the innovation

You can’t make a breakthrough without breaking something: systems that don’t support us all, barriers that prevent access, mindsets that no longer serve us. Explore these stories to learn more.

Freedom in self-expression

Emerging from a journey of self-discovery and embracing their nonbinary identity, Caroline Scalley, senior business administrator at Microsoft, embodies resilience. Drawing from their Puerto Rican heritage and love for self-expression, Caroline blends humor with originality and compassion in their role, redefining norms through unique understanding.


“You are enough. You wouldn’t be here if someone here didn’t think you were incredible.”

Raised with values rooted in her Japanese heritage, Megumi Voight found solace in community during deployments while in the military. Now as a managing editor of customer storytelling at Microsoft, she empowers global voices, advocating for authenticity and reminding others of their inherent worth.


Utilizing your superpower

Armed with what he calls “super empathy,” Joao Madureira, principal customer reliability engineer at Microsoft, harnesses inclusivity as his strength. As a gay man and a Latino, he activates allyship in the workplace, ensuring all voices are heard. His actions have not only brought in new talent but also propelled inclusivity forward.


Near and dear

Keepsakes that get passed through generations of a connected family can unlock hidden characteristics of our colleagues. Cynthia Bryant presents us with some of hers that showcase her mom’s creativity and how she encourages herself to fly.


Dismantling the stereotype

Empowered to explore their gender expression fully while working from home, Iain Raleigh, a software engineer at Microsoft, felt supported when it was time to work in an office again. To dismantle the idea of what a software engineer should look like, they advocate for each one of us showing up as our full selves.


“When you know what you’re worth, when you know what you stand for, it changes how you show up.”

Nurtured by the wealth of knowledge found in public libraries, Aleenah Ansari, a product marketing manager at Microsoft, noticed the lack of stories that reflected her experience as a queer Pakistani woman. Determined to bridge this gap, she strives to make technology more accessible through inclusive and authentic storytelling.


“Your uniqueness makes you who you are.” 

Inspired by her early love for fantasy and gaming, Christina Parker champions diversity and representation in the gaming industry, explaining the accuracy of portrayals and the importance of players seeing themselves in the virtual worlds they love. 


Tosh’s journey through time

There are artifacts in our lives that represent how we connect to the world around us. Tosh Hudson shares how journaling, music, and plants, for him, represent a willingness to release, learn, and grow.


Art of cherishing memories

Sometimes our possessions remind us of our favorite places or home. Athena Chang shares the items that take her back to Taiwan, Prague, and New York.


When innovation and passion collide

Jerome Collins discusses the influence of his father’s guidance, his passion for art and music, and his innovative approach to driving positive change and representation in his professional sphere.


“At the end of the day, I think that’s what people want: to be heard.” 

Guided by a gift for listening and a commitment to motherhood, Erin Jagelski shares how she navigated post-maternity challenges and pioneered support networks for parents in the workplace by blending her passion and leadership to foster inclusive environments. 


Melissa Curry’s treasures of heritage and achievement

Our possessions showcase the things that really matter to us. Melissa Curry unveils the artifacts that encapsulate her heritage, achievements, and bonds that shape her. Tell us about the artifacts that weave the fabric of your story. 

Animated Story

Embrace your identity, embrace life

Kimberly Marreros Chuco discusses embracing one’s unique identity and learning from challenges, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and accepting mistakes as part of growth, inspired by her experiences moving from an Andean mining town.
Featured Artist: Tai Silva


Ashley Witherspoon Innovator’s Inventory and the big plans she’s made

Our personal treasures hold the stories of who we are. Ashley Witherspoon shares the tangible symbols of her values and journey. What mementos narrate your life’s chapters?

Animated Story

This is my sazón

Ivelisse Capellan Heyer is a user experience designer who uses patience and her family to combat her own self-doubt.
Featured Artist: Sol Cotti

Animated Story

Nurturing inner peace

When Ethan Alexander started at Microsoft, he prioritized money over his wellbeing. Twelve years later, the senior customer success account manager and D&I storytelling host knows that the only way to truly take care of others is to first take care of yourself. Discover his story of gratitude and growth.
Featured Artist: Camila Abdanur

Animated Story

Master of messiness

As a mom and a tech leader, Elaine Chang has learned to embrace the chaos and put her “octopus mind” to work in service of innovation, at work and at home.
Featured Artist: Niege Borges

Animated Story

What leaders look like

Shrivaths Iyengar worried that coworkers would be reluctant to follow a leader who had disabilities. Instead, he discovered that his experiences made him a stronger, more empathetic manager.
Featured Artist: Ananya Rao-Middleton

Animated Story

Experiencing both sides

As a child, Ana Sofia Gonzalez crossed between Juárez, Mexico , and El Paso, Texas, every day to go to school. Learning how to live, communicate, and connect in both cultures has made her a better designer, mentor, and innovator.
Featured Artist: Dai Ruiz

Real progress requires real work

Together we’re sharpening our intention, activating insights, looking inward, and focusing our influence to drive this work, and our progress, forward.

Innovation demands intention.

Microsoft’s custom Allyship Program is grounded in our unique growth mindset culture, focusing on allyship, covering, and privilege to intentionally shift behavior. We pair it with a company-wide D&I; performance priority, so that every employee is accountable for culture change.

Innovation thrives on insight.

The conversation about identity in the workplace is rapidly evolving. That’s why we engage external experts to spark employee and ecosystem conversations on topics like intersectionality, mental health, faith, gender identity, and chosen families.

Innovation requires introspection.

We are accountable to look within our organizations, assess what is working and what is not, and measure our progress. As one of the most transparent multinationals of our size, we proactively share data on representation and inclusion.

Innovation calls for investment.

Our collective potential is limited when everyone doesn’t have access. Microsoft supports unique partnerships to invest in students interested in technology careers. We develop custom programs such as the Neurodiversity Hiring Program, Microsoft Leap, and the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy for transitioning military service members to clear a path for future tech talent.
Cynthia Bryant portrait

“If there's a family issue…you have
enough grace to be able to take care of it.”

After balancing work and caring for her son as he dealt with challenges to his eyesight, Cynthia Bryant activated her courage. Now, she strives to manage her team with grace, strength and truth in moments where they are also balancing family life and career.


Anything is possible when everyone is included. Discover stories told by Microsoft employees and illustrated by members of their communities at Microsoft and around the world.
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