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is Innovation

You can’t make a breakthrough without breaking something: systems that don’t support us all, barriers that prevent access, mindsets that no longer serve us.

That’s why we’re activating the same ingenuity, intention, and experience behind our most groundbreaking technological innovations to develop solutions to the diversity and inclusion challenges in our workplace and our world.

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Real progress requires real work

Together we’re sharpening our intention, activating insights, looking inward, and focusing our influence to drive this work, and our progress, forward.

Innovation demands intention.

Microsoft’s custom Allyship Program is grounded in our unique growth mindset culture, focusing on allyship, covering, and privilege to intentionally shift behavior. We pair it with a company-wide D&I performance priority, so that every employee is accountable for culture change.

Innovation thrives on insight.

The conversation about identity in the workplace is rapidly evolving. That’s why we engage external experts to spark employee and ecosystem conversations on topics like intersectionality, mental health, faith, gender identity, and chosen families.

Innovation requires introspection.

We are accountable to look within our organizations, assess what is working and what is not, and measure our progress. As one of the most transparent multinationals of our size, we proactively share data on representation and inclusion.

Innovation calls for investment.

Our collective potential is limited when not everyone has access. We support unique partnerships to invest in students interested in technology careers, and we develop custom programs such as the Neurodiversity Hiring Program, Microsoft Leap, and the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy for transitioning military service members, to clear a path for future tech talent.


Citizen of the World

Sandra is originally from Mexico, living in Estonia, and managing orientation for new employees from all over the world. Explore how her experience embracing new cultures prepared her to face challenges head-on in her own animated story by artist Niege Borges.

Balancing Act

Nichole was used to juggling her job, her life, and her anxiety. At a time when she achieved her biggest professional goal, she found that her mental health threatened to bring it all crashing down. Jonathan Soren illustrates Nichole’s story of connection, growth, and the search for balance.

A Journey to Racial Awareness

For Digital Account Executive Douglas Neres, starting the first Blacks at Microsoft chapter in Latin America has brought him closer to his cultural identity and community.

Written in the Sky

As a Microsoft Engineer and member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, Tracy found a way to fuse tradition and technology using Microsoft language tools to help preserve and teach Indigenous languages. Experience his story, illustrated by Gregg Deal.

Making Space

With a background more in humans than in technology, Seattle-based Community Manager Naomi Boyd helps steer cultural transformation for Microsoft’s Advertising Team in her everyday interactions.

Naomi Boyd headshot