Illustration of Ivelisse Capellan Heyer
Animated Story

This is my sazón

Ivelisse Capellan Heyer is a user experience designer who uses patience and her family to combat her own self-doubt. Follow her journey, illustrated by Sol Cotti.

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At Microsoft, we believe different perspectives lead to a brighter future. Discover stories of innovation and inspiration from Hispanic and Latinx Microsoft employees and community artists.
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Utilizing your superpower

Armed with what he calls “super empathy,” Joao Madureira, principal customer reliability engineer at Microsoft, harnesses inclusivity as his strength. As a gay man and a Latino, he activates allyship in the workplace, ensuring all voices are heard. His actions have not only brought in new talent but also propelled inclusivity forward.

Caroline Scalley - Creative, Weird, Energenic
Category: Video

Freedom in self-expression

Emerging from a journey of self-discovery and embracing their nonbinary identity, Caroline Scalley, senior business administrator at Microsoft shares their distinctive qualities with pride. Drawing from their Puerto Rican heritage and love for self-expression, Caroline blends humor with originality and compassion in their role, redefining norms through unique understanding.

Illustration for Hispanic and Latinx Community
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Bring yourself to work

Rodrigo grew up undocumented and felt like he lived in the shadows. When he joined a group of Microsoft volunteers translating for refugees at the U.S. border, he rediscovered his light. Brought to life by artist Daiana Ruíz

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Citizen of the world

Sandra Valle is originally from Mexico, living in Estonia, and managing orientation for new employees from all over the world. Explore how her experience embracing new cultures prepared her to face challenges head-on in her animated story by artist Niege Borges.

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Personal tech

For Pablo Veramendi, director of Audience Evangelism, responsible innovation is more than a professional mandate: it’s part of his job as a dad. Illustrated by Phoenix Owens.

Illustration of Jose Hernandez's story
Animated Story

Everything has a solution

Jose Hernandez is a data scientist who uses the lessons instilled by his parents to find solutions to the challenges around him. Discover his story, illustrated by Sebastian Curi.

Accountable for progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond—exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Influencing policy

We leverage our platform to address issues that impact the lived experience, safety, and fundamental rights of employees and their communities, including advocating for the protection and strengthening of the US DACA program.

Increasing representation

We are building on our momentum, adding a $150 million investment to strengthen inclusion and double the number of US Black and African American, and Hispanic and Latinx people managers, senior individual contributors, and senior leaders by 2025.

Informing action

Inclusion is the result of the actions we take daily. Through the personalized Race and Ethnicity Learning Path, employees can build their knowledge and deepen awareness around critical topics, informing allyship.

Intentional development

Investing in leadership development has never been more important. We have launched 57 cohorts of our mid-level and senior-level leadership development programs to date, with further staged cohorts planned for this year and beyond.

Ways to engage

Discover movies, TV, and games selected by Hispanic and Latinx communities at Microsoft, plus more ways to learn and take action.