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Cracking the code

When Zuzu began her career as a software engineer, she often battled Imposter Syndrome. Then, she decided to fight the status quo. Discover her story of ingenuity and empowerment, illustrated by Cha Pornea.

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At Microsoft, we believe different perspectives lead to a brighter future. Discover stories of innovation and inspiration from Asian Microsoft employees and community artists.
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What leaders look like

Shrivaths Iyengar worried that coworkers would be reluctant to follow a leader who had disabilities. Instead, he discovered that his experiences made him a stronger, more empathetic manager. Illustrated by Ananya Rao-Middleton.

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Master of messiness

As a mom and a tech leader, Elaine Chang has learned to embrace the chaos and put her “octopus mind” to work in service of innovation, at work and at home. Illustrated by Niege Borges.

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Animated Story

Building something better

Ilyas Fakir Mohamed is a Bangalore-based program manager who is passionate about building a better, more diverse developer community. Discover his story, illustrated by artist Mansi Joshi.

Accountable for progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond—exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Insights that inform

We are building the infrastructure to better understand and explore identity as a company. We have expanded options for Asian employees in the US to self-identify their backgrounds in further detail, to help us evolve our programs and support.

Increasing representation

For Asian employees, representation at the Partner + Executive level is up 2.2 percentage points to 28.4% in 2022 in our core Microsoft business, the highest year-over-year increase since 2018.

Influencing progress

Through Code; Without Barriers, we are working in partnership with 13 other companies to close the gap for women across nine Asia Pacific countries in the region’s cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology sectors.

Intelligent discovery

Microsoft’s Diviner Project brings AI tools to historians studying the oldest form of Chinese language engraved on animal bones—and with it potential for the fields of archeology, linguistics, astronomy, and more.

Ways to engage

Discover movies, TV, and games selected by Asian communities at Microsoft, plus more ways to learn and take action.