Cynthia Bryant portrait

“If there's a family issue…you have
enough grace to be able to take care of it.”

After balancing work and caring for her son as he dealt with challenges to his eyesight, Cynthia Bryant activated her courage. Now, she strives to manage her team with grace, strength, and truth in moments where they are also balancing family life and career.
Tosh Hudson Portrait

“What makes me unique really does come
back to this idea of chosen family.”

With an appreciation of chosen families and defining relationships on our own terms, Tosh Hudson, director at Microsoft, shares his lifestyle of ethical nonmonogamy and champions nontraditional ways of connecting with people.
Athena Chang portrait

“I think that's what makes us family, right?
You do not forget your roots.”

Inspired by her son, Athena Chang navigates her career and motherhood with empathy and resilience. Marked by familial support and the importance of cultural preservation as she raises her own family, she shares a deep connection with her clients.

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Passing down treasures

There are some keepsakes that get passed through the generations of a family. Cynthia Bryant presents us with some of hers, as well as ones that she may end up passing down herself.


Art of cherishing memories

Sometimes our possessions remind us of our favorite places or home. Athena Chang shares the items that take her back to Taiwan, Prague, and New York.


Tosh’s journey through time

There are artifacts in our lives that represent how we connect to the world around us. Tosh Hudson shares how journaling, music, and plants, for him, represent a willingness to release, learn, and grow.

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Illustration for Families Community
Category: Animated Video

Master of messiness

As a mom and a tech leader, Elaine Chang has learned to embrace the chaos and put her “octopus mind” to work in service of innovation, at work and at home. Illustrated by Niege Borges.

Category: Video

Citizen of the world

Sandra Valle is originally from Mexico, living in Estonia, and managing orientation for new employees from all over the world. Explore how her experience embracing new cultures prepared her to face challenges head-on in her animated story by artist Niege Borges.

Animated Story

Personal tech

For Pablo Veramendi, director of Audience Evangelism, responsible innovation is more than a professional mandate: it’s part of his job as a dad. Illustrated by Phoenix Owens.

Accountable for progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond—exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Inclusive benefits

We recognize that families come in all forms. Our benefits include paid parental leave regardless of gender, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, enhanced fertility benefits, and subsidized backup care.

Informed approach

We believe that caregiving—including eldercare and parenting through adoption and fostering—are gender-neutral activities. Recognizing family caregiving as part of any employee’s life is also part of our commitment to advance gender equity.

Intentional flexibility

At Microsoft, there are as many ways of working as there are employees. We value flexibility as part of our hybrid workplace, supporting employees in the ways they work best.

Investing in access

We extended our existing limited travel benefit for medical services that are covered in US health plans but where access to care is limited—including for abortion and gender-affirming care.