Ineco uses Artificial Intelligence to improve employee productivity

Ineco, a public sector company depending on the Ministry of Development, has embraced the benefits of transformation by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions which have improved its internal processes.

The Spanish company, which is celebrating its 50th year, is a global benchmark in infrastructure for the private sector, which includes planning airports, air navigation, roads and more, with services in more than 50 countries.

With over 2,800 employees, the company turned to Microsoft 365 – a process which has resulted in increased efficiency and an improvement in performance.

When selecting the tools, Ineco had a critical requirement: that it guarantees security and privacy. After reviewing the alternatives available in the market, the company opted for Microsoft’s solution.

Since using Microsoft 365, Ineco workers have been able to share information and collaborate in real-time, simultaneously editing documents online. In addition, Skype for Business has enabled employees to work closely together wherever they are, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

“At Ineco we have evolved and transformed throughout our history, based on innovation as a strategic pillar. Not only do we want to survive the challenges of the future, but we want to position ourselves at the forefront of them. For this, we are undertaking a process of digital transformation that will have an impact on internal processes, but also on the solutions we offer our clients, ” states Eva Pulido, General Director of Transformation, Internationalization and Innovation at Ineco.

Applied AI
Ineco has implemented two chatbots to assist employees with both Microsoft 365, and the company’s security policies, in collaboration with Necsia.

“With these chatbots, we provide the answers to questions that arise from users, which can be answered throughout the year and at any time and. At the same time, through Artificial Intelligence techniques, we intend to improve these responses, given that these chatbots will be learning based on the feedback of users,” states Ignacio Martínez, Director of Information Technologies and Digital Transformation, Ineco.

Thanks to the chatbots, employees can have their questions addressed in a natural way, without leaving the company’s productivity environment. In this way, the attention to the user is focused without the need to involve third parties.

“The new challenges that exist in companies, such as internationalization, have forced us to look for the best technological partners to develop tools with which to boost our productivity. For example, in the digital transformation plan of our company there is a priority for collaboration and co-creation environments, ” Martínez, states.

“In this way, we have chosen to collaborate with Microsoft, using tools such as Microsoft 365, to allow our employees to work in a totally ubiquitous manner, with greater productivity and to share information in real time. Our choice of tools such as Teams, OneDrive or Skype for Business, has been based on agility criteria, cloud security and integration capacity out of the box.”

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