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An overview of the new data protection regulations

GDPR – an opportunity

Technological change has ushered in a connected era in which information is gathered, stored and used to provide services which enhance our lives, making data an invaluable resource for modern businesses.

With its ever-growing importance, and as companies continue to collect more and more of it however, a new approach to data is required.

Given the substantial impact and the role that data has in both our personal lives and businesses, the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a logical next step to ensure that our privacy and integrity of data is maintained in the digital age.

Going into effect on 25 May 2018, the GDPR is a new set of laws and regulations designed to ensure that personal data, including your own, is kept and used in a safe and transparent manner.

We look at GDPR as a positive opportunity for growth. By providing a target to ensure that your data is correct and in order, it will be in better shape for extracting useful information and actionable insights from it, for marketing, customer improvement purposes, innovation and more.

Survey respondents from the USA, UK, France and Germany in the charts below also show that more than half of large and medium-sized businesses believe that GDPR will bring with it numerous benefits – with security, trust and collaboration ranking as the most popular opportunities the new regulations offer.

High levels of confidence are also shown across businesses who have their data stored on-premises, mostly in the cloud, or completely in the cloud – showing that GDPR’s opportunities span across businesses that are in different stages of technological growth.

Meeting the new regulations will also reduce the risks of data breaches and large fines, and in turn, improving and maintaining your businesses reputation, while ultimately increasing customer loyalty and positive perceptions.

GDPR will affect different organisations all over the world in different ways. Below are a list of resources to help you get started on your journey, ahead it going live next year.

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GDPR: an opportunity in the making
Data unlocks productivity and helps companies stay ahead of customer needs, bringing growth, with trust as a key driver. GDPR is an opportunity to see, start and solidify the use of data as a growth enabler: Michel van der Bel, President, Microsoft EMEA

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The shared responsibility model under GDPR
Tools and services that help your business reach GDPR compliance are one factor, but you also need to ensure that your practices and culture also adapt. We all have a shared responsibility and a part to play, says Jeff Bullwinkle, Director of CELA, Microsoft Europe.

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E-book: accelerate your GDPR compliance
A free resource to help kick-start your GDPR journey. From an overview of the changes, to shared responsibilities and services available to help your business grow, this is a great starting point to guide your way.

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What all organizations need to know about GDPR
Microsoft’s EVP and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing & Operations Jean-Philippe Courtois shares his thoughts about GDPR, and the impact it will have on millions of organizations and how it can be used to commercial advantage.

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Get GDPR compliant with the Microsoft Cloud
With the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider, the Microsoft Cloud supports your compliance initiatives – committed to its principles of cloud trust, across security, privacy, transparency and compliance.

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Webinar: how to accelerate your GDPR journey
This free 30-minute video provides and introduction to GDPR, before diving into the technicalities and demoing useful tools such as Microsoft’s Compliance Manager – a dashboard which provides compliance recommendations at a glance.

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Frequently Asked Questions
A collated list of the most frequently asked questions surrounding GDPR. From information on rights and fines, to what counts as personal data, and more, there’s plenty here to gain a broad overview while answering your initial questions.

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