Elisa supports and enhances the everyday lives of knowledge workers with Copilot for Microsoft 365

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Kuvituskuva Copilot-logosta

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is an everyday AI partner that makes it easier to work in apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams with simple commands. The service has been available to corporate customers in Finland the first of November and Finland’s largest telecom operator and technology company Elisa has been able to test Copilot for Microsoft 365 since August.

“Copilot, or Microsoft’s artificial intelligence in Office products, is a technology that will make the work of knowledge workers more efficient. Copilot creates entirely new opportunities to support, transform and streamline the routine tasks of office workers. It offers new tools that were previously impossible to implement with traditional technology,” says Sari Torkkola, Vice President, IT Business at Elisa Corporate Customers division.

Elisa’s specialists have utilised Copilot for Microsoft 365 in a wide range of tasks and businesses, from financial administration to sales and customer service, as well as management and facilitating team work.

“For me, the biggest benefit of Copilot has been that it takes notes of our team meetings, freeing up time for discussion and work, as no one needs to focus on writing notes,” says Joni Oksanen, Business Director for Elisa’s corporate customers.

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Better employee and customer experience

A typical challenge for customer service and sales is that, on average, their systems contain only 50 percent of customer data. other information can be scattered across email and Teams. Thanks to Copilot, this challenge is removed.

“With Copilot, traditional data entry is eliminated and customer data can be accessed directly from customer discussions. Copilot can easily be asked about the latest actions with the customer and a proposal for creating the next agenda. In the end, Copilot improves both the employee experience and the customer experience,” says Katja Bäckström, Elisa’s Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Customer Service.

Elisa, Microsoft’s Partner of the Year 2023 in Finland, has also developed offering that enables the integration and analysis of voice data with the help of artificial intelligence in customer service solutions.

“At Elisa, we have been working with Finnish speech recognition for a long time, and we can strongly recommend the use of Copilot in Finland, to Finns and in Finnish,” Katja Bäckström emphasizes.

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Secure everyday helper

For Elisa’s Senior Business Controller Thomas Lönnqvist, Copilot for Microsoft 365 has become an everyday assistant, helping with drafting financial administration texts, among other things. Other AIs operate online and in an open environment, which limits their use, especially when processing business-critical information.

“Copilot made it possible to enter your own data, allowing you to work and focus in a protected environment,” Thomas Lönnqvist says.

Elisa also supports its customers in the safe use of Copilot.

“The implementation of Copilot is not hindered by technology, but by issues related to data protection and data security. You need to be able to solve these and technically build an environment so that the information stays within the company. When this can be done together with a partner, the benefits of Copilot can be made available to everyone faster,” says Sari Torkkola.

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Elisa’s experts emphasise that the easiest way to make Copilot a part of everyday work is to boldly open the program and start asking questions about it.

“There’s really no easier interface than this. And since Copilot is a protected environment, you don’t even have to worry about some information getting out of hand. You can safely start practicing!” Thomas Lönnqvist adds.

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