Microsoft and allies launch a free, open-to-all AI Developer study path in Finland

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The use of artificial intelligence at work and in everyday life increases the productivity of individuals. The maximum benefit of AI is obtained by adding AI to an organization’s every application, function, and service. In order to create intelligent applications that solve real problems, we need more skills. The AI Developer microdegree offers a practical study path to AI development.

Artificial intelligence is constantly changing and evolving, offering new opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to stay up to date with the latest innovations and applications of AI. We must continue learning and practical experimentation in order to help Finland fully utilize the potential of AI. We need in-depth development experts who understand business needs and know how to bring AI to the workplace safely, responsibly, and efficiently.

Finland has a unique opportunity to become a pioneer and role model in the deployment of artificial intelligence. We are already well-known for our high quality education, strong technology culture, reliable governance and commitment to the green transition. When we combine these strengths with excellence in application development, we can be one of the world’s most advanced countries in AI utilization, data economy, cybersecurity, and sustainability.

To renew continuous competence and ensure lifelong learning, higher education institutions and technology companies have joined forces to create a new AI Developer microdegree.

After completing the university-level, free and open-to-all AI Developer microdegree, a student has gained understanding of AI technologies, cloud services and application development. The microdegree is in English and worth 10 ETCS credits and it has been implemented in cooperation with higher education institutions, Arrow ECS Finland, Devisioona, Digital Workforce, Elisa, Microsoft, Reaktor and Sovelto Eduhouse.

“At Microsoft, we believe that technology education is essential to stay competitive in Finland and make the most of the opportunities offered by AI,” says Mervi Airaksinen, Managing Director of Microsoft Finland.

“Application development is changing at a rapid pace. Through AI, work efficiency rises to the next level. As a higher education institution, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to learn how to utilize new tools and technology. With these, one’s own competence develops and competitiveness improves,” says Rector Matti Sarén, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

“Efficient utilization of AI solutions requires competence development, which Arrow invests heavily in every year. It is once again a pleasure and honour to act as a corporate mentor in the new microdegree,” says Jyrki Korhonen, Country Manager, Arrow ECS Finland.

“In the next few years, information technology will grow into cross-cutting intelligence: the ability to independently advance user goals across application boundaries. For this change, we need IT educators, i.e. developers of the future,” sums up Jouni Heikniemi, CEO of Devisioona.

“At the core of Digital Workforce is continuous learning. Over the years, we have trained thousands of automation experts. We are living through a revolutionary transformation of knowledge work, which opens up opportunities to improve productivity and develop new kinds of business models with the help of artificial intelligence and automation. It’s great to be part of a team that educates new AI developers to seize these opportunities,” says Jussi Vasama, CEO of Digital Workforce.

“As Elisa, we want to be at the forefront of making Finland a forerunner in artificial intelligence, as artificial intelligence will permanently change work. The introduction of artificial intelligence as part of IT services and business processes is already improving the competitiveness of companies. More experts will be needed in all industries,” comments Sari Torkkola, Elisa’s Vice President of IT business.

“AI is becoming more democratic. That is why Finland needs all the means – such as this microdegree – to educate the next generation of technology experts to take advantage of artificial intelligence. In the end, they will enable organisations to utilise information in high-quality business operations, which will provide Finland with the keys to being a forerunner in artificial intelligence,” says Mikael Kopteff, Reaktor’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Every workplace needs its own AI developers. The growth in the areas of application of AI makes continuous learning necessary, as it is the only way to keep up with the pace of development,” assures director Marika Kotola, Sovelto Eduhouse.

The AI Developer microdegree is part of  the Skills for Jobs programme, which aims to skill or reskill 100,000 technology experts over five years. Through the programme, more than 48,000 experts have so far gained new technology skills. The Skills for Jobs programme also offers the Cybersecurity microdegree, Power Platform microdegree and the popular Practical AI course, as well as other opportunities for competence development through training partners, customer and partner skilling programmes.

Join the AI revolution now:


The AI Developer microdegree consists of seven courses that allow you to delve deeper first into Azure, then into data, through collaborative platforms such as data analytics and GitHub, towards larger databases required for globally operating applications. After completing the microdegree, the student will have comprehensive basic knowledge and skills in, among other things, the significance of artificial intelligence and data in modern society, global database services and Microsoft Azure as a trusted platform for AI application developers.

As well as exercises that assess knowledge and understanding, there are plenty of practical exercises for students aiming to be professionals, with the support of step-by-step guidance.

The microdegree is:

  • open to all
  • free of cost
  • worth of 10 ECTS credits
  • in English
  • implemented in cooperation with higher education institutions, Arrow ECS Finland, Devisioona, Digital Workforce, Elisa, Microsoft, Reaktor and Sovelto Eduhouse.


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