People of Microsoft #DigitalSkills
A woman smiling while standing in a school library with a shelf of books behind her

“I firmly believe you can’t be what you can’t see.”

Dublin teacher Amanda Jolliffe knows firsthand the life-changing impact of role models. And that’s why she’s dedicated her career to showing students what’s possible for them, too.
A smiling woman sitting at a desk holding reading glasses and looking at a notebook

“I decided to trust my crazy idea.”

Rashelle Tanner has a well-worn journal with the words “Trust your crazy ideas” embossed on the cover. When a crazy idea came to her to make corporate training videos as good as any binge-worthy TV she’d seen, she opened her journal and got to work.
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“I love helping people who are not served by the education system.”

Maria Mendiburo is a former teacher who’s excited about how technology can spark curiosity in the minds of students. Now, she volunteers to team teach computer science at a small town high school.
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“On the day I became a citizen, my fifth-grade class joined me at the courthouse.”

While talking to a judge about US history, Gina Kirby found another calling: to support the military community.