Jerome portrait

“We're also finding ways to affect
the entire region.”

Jerome Collins discusses the influence of his father’s guidance, his passion for art and music, and his innovative approach to driving positive change and representation in his professional sphere.
Portrait of Ashley

“I am free to be exactly who I am.”

Inspired by her son and her joy-centered approach, Ashley Witherspoon, a Microsoft customer success account manager, champions the power of a unique voice to drive change and growth in the corporate world.
Portrait of Tracy

“I just got obsessed with creating
things that were not in existence.”

Driven by his mother’s dream and a commitment to innovation, representation, and the empowerment of the Black and African American community, Tracy Jones shares his inspiring journey from poet to professional writer.


Discover stories of innovation and inspiration from Black and African American Microsoft employees and community artists.

“What I love most about my job is the opportunity to make a difference.”

Upon joining the US Marines at age 17, Petrus Johnson promised his mom he’d get a college degree, and he delivered. Now a customer success account manager, he honors his roots by guiding fellow veterans and fostering social justice discussions beyond the workplace

Animated Story

Nurturing inner peace

When Ethan Alexander started at Microsoft, he prioritized money over his wellbeing. Twelve years later, the senior customer success account manager and D&I storytelling host knows that the only way to truly take care of others is to first take care of yourself. Discover his story of gratitude and growth.
Featured Artist: Camila Abdanur


Tracy Jones is all about stories

What can an object convey about growth and inspiration? Tracy Jones reveals the personal inventory that define his path and principles.


Ashley Witherspoon and the big plans she’s made

Our personal treasures hold stories of who we are. Ashley Witherspoon shares the tangible symbols of her values and journey.


Jerome Collins and the items that remind him of who he is

Artifacts in our life can be a source of inspiration and a marker for success. Jerome Collins presents us with the personal items that fuel his creativity and professional growth.

Illustration of Small World, Big Ideas video concept
Animated Story

Small world, big ideas

Michele, a Cameroonian native, was inspired to pursue her passions half a world away. But she never expected that spreading her wings would help her reconnect with her roots.

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Discover stories of innovation and inspiration from Black and African American Microsoft employees and community artists.
Abstract Illustration of Funmi Omoliki
Category: Animated Story

Data-driven dreams

Funmi Omoliki is a Data and AI specialist who believes in the power of storytelling, and our collective power to transform society. Discover her story, illustrated by artist Dai Ruiz.

Animated Story

Good energy

Mekonnen Kassa first learned about mechanical engineering from a cab fare. Now, as a leader, mentor, and advocate, he’s helping the next generation of Black innovators find their way. Discover his story, brought to life by illustrator Phoenix Owens.

Accountable for progress

Responsibility and accountability require action, not just promises. We leverage our platform to improve lived experiences at Microsoft and beyond—exercising the same commitment we bring to all we do.

Increasing representation

We are building on our momentum, adding a $150 million investment to strengthen inclusion and double the number of US Black and African American and Hispanic and Latinx people managers, senior individual contributors, and senior leaders by 2025.
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Informing personal action

Inclusion is the result of the actions we take daily. Through the personalized Race and Ethnicity Learning Path, employees can build their knowledge and deepen awareness around critical topics, informing allyship.

Investing in future talent

Building an industry reflective of the world we live in relies on meaningful partnerships. We’ve provided $8 million in funding since 2020 to HBCUs, pairing financial support with direct collaboration on curriculum and recruiting.

Intentional career development

Investing in leadership development has never been more important. We have launched 38 cohorts of our mid-level and senior-level differentiated development programs to date, with further staged cohorts planned for this year and beyond.

Ways to engage

Discover movies, TV, and games selected by Black and African American communities at Microsoft, plus more ways to learn and take action.