Why employees find Microsoft Ireland to be a perfect career fit

Our new state-of-the-art Inside Sales Centre opens in Dublin

A hub for music giants (U2 and Sinead O’Connor kicked off their careers here), and home to the literary canon, Dublin has long offered a feast for the eyes, ears and mouth. Now it’s a career destination as well. Those looking for job opportunities could join Microsoft’s new state-of-the-art inside sales center in Dublin, where cool events, a globally diverse workforce, and constant innovation and collaboration are the norm.

At the Dublin offices, teams work on household-name products like Windows, Azure, Office, and Xbox while gazing outdoors at mountain peaks or the race and golf courses that dot the campus.

The recently opened Inside Sales Centre in Dublin is hiring approximately 600 sellers to leverage leading-edge technology tools and analytics. New recruits will join the 1,200 people already working with Microsoft at the Inside Sales Centre, with 500 of the recruits offering support to customers in over 30 different languages.

Xavier Chachignon, a solution specialist for Office 365 has found Dublin to be a perfect career fit.

“Speaking other languages and sharing different cultures has always been something I like to do.”

Born and raised in Paris, Xavier had worked in different cities across France before accepting a position in Washington DC where he stayed for two years. His international move back to Europe didn’t just introduce him to a new culture. It also allowed him to reside in a city surrounded by tech giants, animated by a stimulating start-up scene, and brimming with an abundance of organized events that allow tech professionals to meet one another.

Microsoft Solutions Specialist, Xavier Chachignon

Xavier was already a believer in maintaining an international mindset. Aside from benefitting personally from cultural exchanges in his career, Xavier also believes that it makes for better business.

“The main advantage of sharing different cultures within Microsoft is that it helps us stay open minded. Every day my peers allow me to discover new ways of working and thinking. None of our methods and approaches can be assumed to be the best or only way.”

As a seasoned professional at Microsoft, Xavier can offer advice on how to make better use of the cloud, manage devices centrally, deploy security strategies, distribute mobile apps, or design corporate data architectures within SharePoint. But to pinpoint the solution he must first engage in careful listening.

“I put myself in their shoes [His managers and directors], and focus on how we can achieve more together. Their business challenges become my business challenges. I’m not just looking for technology solutions: I’m looking to improve peer collaboration within Microsoft, as well as within the companies of our customers.”

The globally diverse workforce is known for their tight teamwork—at work and play. Teams participate at social and charity events, and have opportunities to attend cultural outings together, from Dublin Castle, the National Gallery, and Kilmainham Gaol—a former prison that’s been converted into a museum.

Microsoft Solution Specialist, Xavier Chachignon

“The team is very young and very excited about Microsoft technologies,” says Xavier. “We’re all from different cities around Europe and we can learn from one another as we share our different cultural perspectives. No matter who you are, what your beliefs are, or where you’re from, you’re first and foremost a Microsoftie.”

Working at Microsoft doesn’t just allow me to build my technical skills within a specific role. It also allows me to think about my next role. At Microsoft I can build a career development plan that allows me to change my current role, move to a different department or even to a Microsoft company in another country.

“Our motto, ‘Start here, Go anywhere’ couldn’t be more true.”

“I want to help customers and business be the best at their work,” says Chachignon. “I’m very proud of that. You start here and you can grow your career as a sales professional big time. I can’t think of a better place to start out.”