Hispanic Heritage Month

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Join us in celebrating and learning as Microsoft employees from the Hispanic and Latinx communities share their own stories.

“I know that I’m doing something outside of my comfort zone.”



Originally from Mexico, Ana Sofia Gonzalez shares how her experiences as a nonnative English speaker in American elementary school and navigating the differences between American and Mexican business culture have made her a stronger employee and graphic designer.

“I believe that hiring people from all cultural backgrounds and all gender backgrounds makes for such a rich story overall.”

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For Colombian-born Joseph Sefair, curiosity is a critical skill—one he’s honed through creating moments of surprise and delight for Microsoft customers around the world.   

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“It was a powerful experience to literally be their voice, to tell their stories.”

Rodrigo Stabio shares how his experience growing up undocumented inspired him to join Microsoft volunteers helping at the US-Mexico border.

“When you engage with other cultures, you expand your mind and have more empathy for others.”

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As a Latin American woman living in Estonia for nearly two decades, Sandra Valle leverages her multicultural intelligence to lead conversations around community and inclusion in the workplace.

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“I want other people to have the opportunity to recover in the same way that I did.”

Ignacio Davila, a member of the Hispanic and Latinx community at Microsoft, explores how his personal challenges inspired him to drive innovations in the medical space, so that others can experience the same support that he did from his Microsoft coworkers and peers.

“I work at the intersection of technology and art, and I love every minute of it.”

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The video game industry isn’t known for its diversity. As a culture lead for Team Xbox Latinx, Mexican-born Luis Angel Mex is creating culturally inclusive and authentic gaming experiences.

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Show your Hispanic and Latinx pride

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Movies and TV

A collection of selected movies and TV shows by the Hispanic and Latinx community.

Explore movies and TV selected by Hispanic and Latinx communities at Microsoft.

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A collection of selected games by the Hispanic and Latinx community.

Discover games selected by Hispanic and Latinx communities at Microsoft.

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Check out all the gaming content and support nonprofits that benefit Hispanic and Latinx communities.

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