Group of eight people wearing Hardwear clothing, sitting and standing on grass, in front of a blue and white background.

Hardwear: Create with Intention

How the Gavin Mathieu-designed capsule clothing collection for Microsoft puts the focus on creativity and self-expression.
A photo of a man wearing a bowtie

“Yes, it’s about celebrating legacies and achievements. But it’s also about empowering the future.”

Xbox employee Garron Ballard wants everyone—players, developers, and content creators alike—to feel represented and welcome in gaming. For Black History Month, he led a community effort to research and curate games, movies, and TV that highlight Black protagonists and experiences.
A photo of a man standing next to an art painting and a piano keyboard

“It was such a rush to hear my song and know that I had contributed something meaningful.”

When he was asked to write and perform a song for a company-wide conference, musician and poet Jerome Collins discovered a powerful way to connect with and inspire his colleagues.
A phooto of Howard Robinson and Richard Thomas laughing and smiling while looking at art pieces in Thomas' New Orleans studio.

“It’s important to have people in your life that show you that success is real.”

Teacher and renowned New Orleans artist Richard Thomas set an example that inspired a teenaged Howard Robinson to take risks and see a future filled with more.