Microsoft partners with Indonesia Business’s Women Association (IWAPI) to empower women in Indonesia

Indonesia, JAKARTA, March 3, 2014 – As part of Microsoft’s commitment to empower women in Indonesia, Microsoft Indonesia today officially start its partnership with Indonesia Business’s Women Association (IWAPI). This partnership is symbolized with Memorandum of Understanding signing by Nita Yudi as the Chairwoman of the Executive Board of IWAPI and Andreas Diantoro as President Director of Microsoft Indonesia.

Nita Yudi, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of IWAPI explained that she welcomed cooperation between IWAPI and Microsoft Indonesia. She hoped with the cooperation, will be able to empower the technology capability of IWAPI. By this cooperation also will be able to educate IWAPI members about the latest information technology, by focusing on small medium business.

“IWAPI believed that information technology is a tool and the key solution to increase ability of company and businessman in Indonesia. And through this cooperation, Microsoft and IWAPI will set up a partnership between them aiming to the improvement of knowledge and awareness of IWAPI’s members regarding the advantage of using genuine software,” said Nita.

With the number of the members reach of 40.000 members which registered in national scale in various business sector, IWAPI realize that the need of empowerment to encourage potention which owned by the members in order to increase competitiveness and productivity. One of this empowerment is by the optimal utilization of information technology so it could give benefit on productivity, affectivity and working efficiency.

Andreas Diantoro, President, Director of Microsoft Indonesia is also enthusiastic to welcome this partnership between his part with IWAPI and hoped that this cooperation could give benefit for both parties.

“This cooperation is a great initiative which would bring Women IT empowerment. For Microsoft, IT empowerment is also about doing things the right way, the legal way, besides training, capacity building and using tools and technology,” said Andreas.

“Through this cooperation we also want to introduce the concept of “Clean IT & Cybersecurity” which highlights the growing cyber threats of this fast evolving Internet age. It’s a powerful concept and with the high levels of piracy in Indonesia, this cooperation is the best way to position our message in social IT empowerment engagements,” added Andreas.

IT empowerment through technology update and training could be able to give positive contribution for the company and entrepreneur itself. Microsoft Indonesia committed to involve in increasing competitiveness and productivity of Indonesian companies so that they able to compete in global community.

“Microsoft believes that when women are empowered in society it drives more innovation and advances local economies. Further more, Microsoft believes that technology plays a crucial role in enabling opportunities for women to fully excel in society. Together with IWAPI, Microsoft seeks to enhance the use of IT to bridge the gender gap and empower women in Indonesia. Especially to welcome International Women’s Day which is marked on March 8 every year,” said Andreas.

Within this cooperation, Microsoft and IWAPI also will held roadshow to empower IWAPI’s member in 9 cities in Indonesia, which are Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, Batam, Bekasi and Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Olvy Adrianita, Deputy Director for Bilateral Cooperation with United States, Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia, in a discussion organized by the Indonesian Corporate Counsel Association (ICCA) together with the Ministry of Trade Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta in November 2013 remind industry participants to anticipate Unfair Competition Act (UCA). With implementation Unfair Competition Act (UCA) business are required to use the system of legal information technology in all processes from the collection of materials, production, and distribution to marketing for any exporters who export their products to the United States.

With the IT development program between IWAPI and Microsoft, then IWAPI can educate their members to use the original software, so as to develop their competitiveness in global trade.

Microsoft is committed to accelerating Indonesia together and helping the country achieve its aspiration to become knowledge based society by the year 2025, by concentrating on three key areas. One of the areas is Enabling Entrepreneurship, whereas Microsoft helps Indonesian build their businesses and transform through the Cloud, so they can just concentrate on what they do best: build their business.

IWAPI (Indonesia Business Women Association) is a non-profit organization which has 40,000 registered members nationwide in various business sectors and it provides strong and dynamic relationships with many parties, such as: Local / Headquarter Government, Boards of Public Policies and other Organizations and/or Associations and other services to the community in form of information, facilities and mediation relating to the business world.

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