Indonesian food truck operators experience benefits of cloud-based Point of Sale system on Windows tablets

Azure-based EvolvePOS can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of traditional cash register systems

Food trucks are increasingly popular in Indonesia, especially in the larger cities where consumers lead a fast-paced, urban lifestyle. The rapid growth of the food truck industry in Indonesia is driving the need for operators to adopt modern technologies that support their business development. This includes cash management systems which are easy to use and affordable for business owners.

At Bandung Food Truck Festival (BFTF) 2015 held in February, Microsoft Indonesia collaborated with Phire Studio to launch EvolvePOS, a cloud-based cash management system that combines the features of a cash register and a Point of Sale system targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

EvolvePOS enables food truck owners to manage their transactions easily, securely and efficiently with a portable Windows 8.1 tablet device

 “We developed EvolvePOS specifically for SMEs from the very beginning. Supported by Microsoft’s cloud technologies such as Azure and Office 365 on a Windows 8.1 tablet, our customers are able to use a cash management system that is affordable. This allows them to invest capital in other areas to grow their business,” said Henke Yunkins, Business Development Manager, Phire Studio, which developed EvolvePOS.

EvolvePOS can be operated on Windows 8.1 tablets, and is built on Microsoft Azure which enables business owners to manage transactions efficiently. In addition, with the data from transactions stored in the cloud, business owners can expand their operations without having to invest in infrastructure to support their technology needs. This is particularly important for F&B operators looking to use a modern and affordable, yet scalable platform to remain nimble in a fast-paced industry.

Another advantage to have transaction information stored in the cloud is that it minimizes the risk of data loss due to hardware failure. With Microsoft’s commitment in building a trusted cloud, businesses can also be assured that the security and privacy of their data will not be compromised.

EvolvePOS provides business owners with real-time customer purchasing information, which can be used to map buying trends that allow businesses to manage their inventory and resources better. This will enable operators to be more agile in their business operations.

“In a fast-paced food truck business, EvolvePOS is a sophisticated solution that is portable yet affordable. A traditional cash register system can cost up to Rp20,000,000, but EvolvePOS can be deployed at just 15% of the cost with a Windows 8.1 tablet,” said  Brian Moniaga of Sadewa Steak, one of the food truck operators participating at BFTF 2015.  “The application also provides us with data and insights which enable us to manage our operations more effectively and efficiently.”

 “EvolvePOS works with a Windows 8.1 tablet, which can be equipped with productivity tools such as Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook, Lync and others. By doing so, SMBs are able to be more productive in an increasingly competitive market that is evolving to be more digital and mobile today,” Said Lucky Gani, Business Group Head, Windows Division, Microsoft Indonesia. “The launch of EvolvePOS is also part of Microsoft’s commitment to help SMBs in Indonesia reinvent productivity in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. By deploying EvolvePOS, SMBs in the F&B industry can focus their efforts in growing their business with an affordable cloud-based platform that minimizes capital expenditure, improves operational efficiency and ultimately optimizes revenue in the long run.”

Office 365 truck at Bandung Food Truck Festival 2015

Supported by various partners and sponsors including Microsoft, the inaugural BFTF 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, was enlivened by the participation of 17 local food truck operators as well as activities conducted by partners targeted at both SMBs and foodies.

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