Office 365 enables new innovative services in Taiwan’s insurance industry

Two life insurance industry leaders, Cathay and Fubon, adopt Microsoft Office 365 to enhance life insurance services in Taiwan

Asia Pacific – 14 October 2015 – In order to enhance customer satisfaction, Taiwan’s life insurance industry has been actively launching innovative mobile services. In order to establish a full range of life insurance consultancy services, adopting cloud solutions has become an irreversible trend in the industry. Two life insurance industry leaders, Cathay Life Insurance and Fubon Life Insurance have both officially adopted Microsoft Office 365 in July this year. The cloud solution is constantly kept up to date with standards and regulations across multiple geographies and industries to keep data safe. Office 365 also enhances the ability of staff to service clients by enabling access to important documents and information for staff working from any location and any device. This in turn has enabled them to improve overall responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive evolution: Cathay and Fubon adopted Office 365 to roll out a full range of life insurance consultancy cloud services
Roan Kang, General Manager of Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Taiwan, explained: “In a world that values mobility and cloud services, possessing and utilizing mobile and cloud services provides competitive advantage for businesses. It is a great honor for Microsoft Taiwan to help empower Cathay and Fubon through cloud-based Office 365, and assist them in bringing new business and service models to the life insurance industry. Leveraging the cloud management services and communication tools of Office 365, sales staff will no longer be constrained by space or distance. They will be able to quickly receive client information and related resources, and make quick and accurate responses to client needs. In addition to helping enterprises develop innovative service models, Office 365, which has been independently verified against international security standards to ensure client data remains secure.”

Cathay took the lead in June 2015 to adopt Office 365. By integrating mobile and cloud services, sales staff productivity has risen along with client satisfaction levels. Besides meeting the routine work requirements of staff, the familiar and intuitive user experience that Office 365 provides enabled staff to painlessly switch to the new service platform. This met Cathay’s objectives of strengthening organizational management and simplifying administrative and work processes. Overall, the adoption of Office 365 has comprehensively enhanced the work capability of Cathay’s service staff.

Fubon also adopted Office 365 this year, embracing the new digital cloud era in a big way. The insurance giant is now the largest life insurance company that has deployed Office 365. Fubon combines Microsoft’s global innovative services with the comprehensive cloud services of Office 365 to provide its clients with services that take into account a 360-degree view of the customer. Additionally, the deployment of Office 365 has enabled Fubon to adopt more environmentally friendly work practices and move towards a paperless work environment.

Office 365 enables insurance companies in three ways
Firstly, Office in the cloud enables mobile employees work without constraints, increasing work efficiency. OneDrive for Business provides staff with unlimited cloud storage. Sales staff can store their required information and client data on the cloud storage platform, and make use of mobile devices including Windows, iOS and Android tables and smartphones, anytime and anywhere for offline access, including storing and retrieving data, editing, modifying and deleting files. The information from these devices can synchronize with Microsoft’s cloud platform once connected to the Internet. This reduces paper wastage and the need of space for document storage.

When coupled with the latest versions of Office, users can collaborate and jointly edit the same document. Besides allowing staff to collaborate via the cloud, it enables employees and decision makers to have access to sales information, organisation performance and project management status.

 Secondly, unified communications enables real-time communication and increased access to customers. Skype for Business allows sales staff to exchange the latest information in real time, so as to provide clients with accurate and speedy service. Exchange Online, provides as much as 50GB of email space and offers email, calendar and contacts management. In addition to retaining 10 years’ worth of emails on average, the sales team can share scheduled tasks through the cloud-based calendar so the whole team can stay on top of work tasks. At the same time, staff can utilize Skype for Business to meet with policyholders online, enabling staff to cater more personalized and timely service to customers, leading to stronger and more impactful client relationships.

Thirdly, intelligent social networks enables learning on the go. Yammer allows sales staff exchange information and learn from their colleagues experiences. It encourages sales colleagues to demonstrate the enterprise culture of sharing information and helping each other. The company can also better understand how the team is interacting with each other and provide timely assistance when required. It can effortlessly share video materials such as educational and training courses, and disseminate information on policies on the network. Sales staff can instantly access new information and share it with policyholders, empowering every employee to unleash their potential.

Ensuring privacy and security of policyholder data
Microsoft constantly evolves Office 365 controls and stays up to date with standards and regulations across multiple industries and geographies. Office 365 has achieved independent verification specified in ISO 27001, EU model clauses, HIPAA BAA and FISMA. Office 365 also provides user and admin controls, including features such as eDiscovery, legal hold and data loss prevention to help companies like Fubon and Cathay meet industry compliance requirements.

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