Hack the Classroom! Clever solutions to tricky problems

We can think of hacks as clever solutions to tricky problems. As people who face many tricky problems on a daily basis, teachers could definitely use a few class hacks to help them save time and to be more efficient.

As we celebrate World Teacher’s Day, here are some of our favorite one-minute tips, submitted by educators from around the globe as part of our Hack the Classroom event recently. As the world changes and moves more rapidly, it can feel overwhelming to know what and how to incorporate new technology into your classroom.

The key is to start with just a few small steps. To get you going, here are some nifty new ideas of using existing technology for education:

Sandi Adams | How to Create a Collection with Links in Docs

A great Class Hack to create a collection page with links to student projects from Office Mix, Sway or Office 365 with Docs.com.

Subash Chandar K | Write Straight in PowerPoint & Office Mix

A great hack for math and science teachers who would like their equations to appear straight in presentations and recordings.

Jorge Braga | So, the Projector Lamp Exploded…

What happens when the projector in your classroom is no longer working, or doesn’t exist? In this simple and accessible hack, Jorge shows us how to use Skype to save energy and digitally replace the projector.

Nam Ngo Thanh | Remove Background of a Photo in Powerpoint

If you’ve ever wanted to isolate an image without its background, this hack shows you how to do so in Powerpoint.

Francisco Tupy | #Hack 21st Century Skills Class Management

Another handy way to use Powerpoint for 21st Century Skills!


To find out more about other Class Hacks, check out #HackTheClassroom!

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