Flowchart – Which Windows 10 device should I choose for my SMB?

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) around Asia see some of the most diligent and dedicated employees pass through their doors daily. Empowered by modern technology, many successful SMBs are givinng their larger multinational competitors a run for their money.

However, a recent Microsoft online survey of 2,600 SMB employees across 13 countries in Asia and found that only 41 out of every 100 employees felt their employers are enabling them to be productive, collaborative and innovative, whilst ensuring personal wellbeing in the changing world of work.

Business leaders can no longer deny that a modern workplace requires the latest technology for maximum productivity.

In addition to brand new enterprise and security features, Windows 10 is also co-designed with a whole range of differentiated hardware to suit the unique needs of businesses.

Make use of the flowchart below to pick the best device for your business, and ensure that your employees are always ready to face new challenges head-on!



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