Providing more loving homes in Vietnam with the cloud

There are over 26 million children in Vietnam today, and eight out of 10 of them are at-risk. This means that they are less than likely to become independent, responsible, contributing members of society.

SOS Vietnam works to provide these at-risk children who have lost parental care become part of a family again, guiding them in their path towards adulthood by providing them with loving homes. Since 1987, the nonprofit has helped 5,900 children become successful members of society, and supported over 1,500 children to stay and grow up with their biological families through the Family Strengthening Program.

To expand the reach of their programs, SOS Vietnam knew they needed better communication and collaboration abilities across various locations. Microsoft provided the solution, helping the nonprofit migrate its 200 staff in Vietnam to the cloud through its “A Cloud for Global Good” program.

With Office 365, SOS Vietnam took their productivity to the next level, while achieving significant savings that are put to enhancing their programs to benefit more children in the country.

Boopalan, Director of the Information Communication & Technology International Office Region Asia, SOS Vietnam said, “Thanks to Microsoft, SOS Vietnam has completely transformed the way we work. We are now better able to focus on our business tasks, and decrease time spent on administrative tasks required to maintain our communication systems. This allows us to spend more time providing loving homes to at-risk children.”

SOS Vietnam also improved communications with external stakeholders, fostering deeper relationships that encourage donors and child sponsors to be more involved with the nonprofit’s activities.

Find out how SOS Vietnam refreshed its communications with Office 365 for Nonprofits.

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