NEEDeed and Microsoft deliver essential technology to nonprofits

As a proud partner of Microsoft Philanthropies, NEEDeed will soon help equip select not-for-profit organizations in Thailand with essential cloud-based technologies that will help them fulfil their mission through the empowering impact of technology. NEEDeed will support two Thailand-based nonprofits set up cloud-based technology that will, in turn, assist them with their core objectives, improve their operational efficiencies and make them more sustainable in the long-term.

“Cloud Technology, put simply, equips organizations with storage space on the Internet, rather than on a physical computer. Through Cloud Technology, not only can organizations keep their data secure, protecting it from physical hard drive damage, it can also help save money, increase efficiency and increase collaboration.”

NEEDeed builds organizational capacity in nonprofits by providing them the support they need to run operations—be it administrative processes, human resource management, program development or volunteer management. This helps organizations to focus on meeting their missions and delivering seamless service to their beneficiaries.

NEEDeed’s experience working with nonprofits in Thailand illuminated the gaps and the needs of local organizations for technology support. In 2015, this knowledge fueled two projects that required tech assistance. With ChildLine, a child protection organization, NEEDeed helped develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database to help better manage their caseload. With Wedu, a small regional nonprofit working to empower women through mentoring, NEEDeed helped set up a database to assist in managing contact information of hundreds of donors, students and mentors.

An incredible opportunity to partner with Microsoft presented itself in April 2016, with the launch of Microsoft’s new cloud services donation program for non-profits—Tech for Good. Whilst Microsoft offers state-of-the-art technology products, NEEDeed brings the support and capacity building expertise to nonprofits, helping those organizations with the need to implement and maximize this technology.

How Does It Work?

For each project, NEEDeed looks at the organization’s operations and assesses their processes, needs and gaps. This information feeds into the next steps of assisting the organization in procuring and implementing a suitable product from Microsoft, be it a cloud service or a software.

The criteria for nonprofits to be considered by NEEDeed is simple. Nonprofits need to:

  1. Be registered as a nonprofit with the Thai government.
  2. Employee under 100 employees.
  3. Have the capacity and the commitment to follow through.

How Can I Help?

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a skilled professional or a corporation, you can help support our nonprofit partners by choosing NEEDeed as your CSR option of choice. For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, email [email protected] or fill in our online enquiry form.

Create value in the local community by engaging with us!

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