Australia’s capital Canberra is becoming a smart city

Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory
Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory

Canberra is the capital city of Australia and it has big plans to become Australia’s smartest city as well. Almost 400,000 people live, work and study in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which surrounds and includes Canberra. And the ACT Government’s transformation agenda places those individuals at the core of its digital strategy.

It wants to focus on their needs, understand their expectations and deliver high quality, responsive services efficiently and effectively. At the same time, it seeks to streamline operations for its 20,000 employees and keep a firm rein on costs.

Al Blake, the ACT’s chief technology officer says the territory’s overarching ambition is to become recognised as a digital leader, carving out a strong reputation for excellence and innovation, while promoting inclusion for all residents and visitors.

It’s a bold ambition and prompted a technology rethink that placed cloud computing at the core. The ACT Government’s digital strategy, launched in 2016, makes clear that cloud is the preferred platform for the future.

Microsoft Azure is delivering a sizeable chunk of those digital foundations, now the basis for a raft of emerging services with the promise of genuine and long-lasting impact.

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