Mixed Reality: New range of affordable headsets coming soon


Since Microsoft launched the HoloLens more than two years ago, our partners and customers have embrace Mixed Reality. They have been pushing the boundaries of this technology and creating incredibly immersive and innovative experiences.

Now, some of the world’s largest PC manufacturers have produced a range of more affordable headsets, which will be made available to consumers later this year.

Unlike existing high-end headsets, which require external cameras for tracking, Windows Mixed Reality headsets have built-in cameras and sensors to track your physical position and hand-held controllers.

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The end result is an experience that requires less hassle to set up and use.

The new Mixed Reality headsets work with laptops and desktops with integrated graphics, opening the technology to more people than ever. They provide 60 frames per second for a smooth experience, which will increase to 90 frames per second for those with high-end gaming PCs.

A variety of Windows Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers will be available towards the end of the year in many markets from HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer, and more details will be shared this week at IFA conference in Berlin, ahead of Microsoft’s Keynote on 1 September.

For more information, please visit the Windows Experience Blog post.


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