First-line workers feel ‘out of the loop’ on digital transformation

Streamlined access to accurate and up-to-date information is the lifeblood of successful digital transformation. But many first-line workers – who interact with customers – feel left out of the loop, according to new research in Australia.

A Microsoft Australia-commissioned survey found that only 21 percent of first-line workers were currently involved in digital transformation initiatives, while another 33 percent, who are not involved, said they would like to be.

Meanwhile, there was little evidence of first-line worker antipathy to, or fear of, automation. The survey found that 67 percent agreed that working closely with automation and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled systems was key to developing a successful modern workforce. Almost seven out of 10 (or 66 percent) believed that automation could make processes more flexible.

Seventy-seven percent of employees – both first-line workers and managers – regarded digital transformation and technology as significant issues for every organization.

Transforming customer experience was ranked as the top strategic goal by respondents (22 percent). This was followed by above-average profitability and revenue growth targets (18 percent), and digital transformation (10 percent).

While there was a clear appetite for technology-led reform across all employee categories, the survey showed that first-line workers – the very people who engage with customers directly – feel they are largely underused in many digital transformation projects.

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