Fueling digital transformation in Asia

By Sanjay Patel, Director, Technology & Innovation Center, Microsoft Asia. This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950) wrote ” You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?” ”


A dream or an idea. Innovation starts there and fuels the ingenuity that leads to a better world.

I’m excited to be partnering with so many incredible companies with smart ideas that are empowering organisations to transform in the digital world as we launch our new Industry Zone showcase.

Here at our Asia Pacific Microsoft Technology Center (#MTC) in Singapore it’s humbling to see smart ideas turn to reality for so many customers visiting from all across Asia Pacific and the world.

Today we opened up a new area that showcases a fantastic range of business solutions across a multitude of partners who bring innovation to life to power the digital transformation for our customers. Big thank you to the partners who have collaborated with our Microsoft Technology Center over the past few months to make this happen.

This is about bringing to life how technology available now like artificial intelligence, cognitive services, modular business applications, truly modern workplace and advanced collaboration tools can transform customers’ operations, their customer experience, and own product innovation as well as empowering their employees to get work done on new engaging ways.

Thank you to all the Microsoft partners who innovate every day and continue to dream big. With this showcase we look forward to hosting more customers looking to be inspired by what’s possible to bring their own smart ideas to fruition.

We plan to continuously add more every month as more innovation is delivered leveraging the Microsoft trusted cloud.

The Microsoft Tecchnology Center is a facility where customers and partners can come together to experience, envision, ideate, problem solve, and deliver practical real world solutions that power their digital transformation across a multitide of industries.

We see 2018 as the year of AI. In the MTC you will see how that is being made possible.

We are building our smartest, greenest campus yet. In the MTC you can see how partners are making that a reality and orgnisations like JTC are already on this journey.

DBS is building the most advanced digital bank in Asia and driving an incredible culture of innovation and collaboration. In the MTC you will see how they are leveraging advanced collaboration tools to make that journey possible.

Big thank you to all the partners making this possible for so many organisations like these in Asia!

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