Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan offers its 113 legislators Microsoft Teams to keep working through COVID-19

TAIWAN, JUNE 2020 – Taiwan’s legislature has moved its entire proceedings online for the first time with an innovative technology solution designed to cope with COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

The 10th Legislative Yuan was sworn in on 1 February in Taipei, with a total of 113 legislators taking up their positions, shortly before COVID-19 hit the island.

To keep operating through the pandemic, the Legislative Yuan equipped its members with technology that enables them to collaborate safely and securely in virtual ways from their homes. It deployed a solution that combines Microsoft Teams with Power Platform, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure sign-ins.

PowerApps are used to create sign-in forms with MFA as an extra layer of security. Once signed in, members enter their personal data and meeting information into the system. PowerApps uploads this data to the SQL server, using Power BI to visualize and plug data into Teams. This secure and thorough process allows all legislators access to all the latest information in real-time.

Power BI also helps generate the order of speakers based on the data shared by legislative members. Just like how speakers would take the podium when speaking in physical meetings, current speakers are pinned on the screen in Microsoft Teams to achieve order and clarity during the meeting.

Read more about Microsoft Teams here.

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