Longhua Hospital integrates Microsoft Surface for Business to enhance its mobile healthcare services

ASIA PACIFIC, 27 NOVEMBER 2020 – Longhua Hospital, Shanghai’s first internet medical institution, has integrated Microsoft Surface for Business across their daily operations and patient care to support evolving healthcare demands amid COVID-19. The hospital is leading the way in mobile healthcare and research by integrating technology to drive transformation across the sector in China.

Behind their success is a 2-in-1 device – Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for Business – that addresses the diverse needs of China’s medical staff in mobile healthcare and at the office. The integration of Surface has generated higher productivity and safety across Longhua Hospital’s office and mobile healthcare services, allowing them to respond efficiently to patient needs. This is also supported by Office 365 Enterprise that enables effective cross-functional collaboration within the hospital.

“The integration of Surface at Longhua Hospital has transformed the way healthcare institutions serve its patients, especially during this pandemic. The most prominent feature of Surface is its convenience, supporting the productivity and efficiency of medical practitioners at work. The device is also lightweight with a long battery life and has a touchscreen and stylus to meet the multi-functional requirements of hospitals. Today, medical staff can use Surface devices effortlessly in their everyday work and communication,” said Mr. Dong Liang, CIO, Longhua Hospital.

 Longhua Hospital uses Surface devices in mobile ward rounds
Longhua Hospital uses Surface devices in mobile ward rounds

Achieving optimum productivity with the right hardware and software

Compatibility and versatility were key considerations in developing a connected ecosystem of hardware and software for Longhua Hospital’s Information Center. In this respect, Surface became the biggest advantage of Microsoft’s integrated software and hardware solution, enhancing the management experience for users and the IT department. Longhua Hospital achieved a new omnichannel experience with smooth end-to-end data flow, vastly improving hospital productivity.

Microsoft Surface for Business series – including Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Studio – created a rich and comprehensive experience for staff across the hospital’s many departments. All devices were pre-installed with Windows 10 Professional, providing advanced security protection, enterprise-grade manageability, and enhanced productivity tools for all staff.

Additionally, Longhua Hospital upgraded its information architecture to simplify IT operations, allowing medical staff to access the Windows Server on multiple devices at work. This software was developed on the Windows operating system (OS) making the upgrade to the latest Surface devices seamless and fuss-free.

Longhua Hospital plans to deploy the Surface’s capabilities in its advanced 5G lab, doctor training, and university student internships.
Longhua Hospital plans to deploy the Surface’s capabilities in its advanced 5G lab, doctor training, and university student internships.

Shaping a digital future for healthcare in China

From medical informatization to “Internet Plus” action plan to mobile healthcare, Microsoft is a longtime partner for Longhua Hospital for more than 20 years and together, they continue to pave the way for greater digital healthcare adoption. With its affiliation to the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Longhua Hospital seeks to integrate Surface devices for a wide range of educational purposes, including rigorous joint training sessions for doctors and physicians, as well as university student internships. Surface will also soon be deployed in the hospital’s advanced 5G lab, a step further to digitize and upgrade themselves.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) enables digital transformation for the era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

About Longhua Hospital

Founded in July 1960, Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the four earliest built TCM clinical centers in China. Over 50 years, Longhua Hospital has been dedicated to the development of TCM and is known nationwide for the outstanding patient care provided by its physicians and staff. With its distinguished offerings and expertise in TCM, Longhua Hospital is well-known for combining health care, education, and scientific research. It is regarded as an exemplary model TCM hospital and is categorized as a Shanghai grade III level A hospital.

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