Ceylon Biscuits Limited enhances frontline agility and manufacturing efficiency with Microsoft Azure

Colombo, Sri Lanka – October 2, 2023: Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) recognized as a Sri Lankan confectionery and food manufacturing conglomerate, has taken the initiative to embrace new technologies and development methodologies in collaboration with Microsoft to gain a stronger foothold in the market while delivering innovation.

CBL has worked closely with Microsoft Azure experts to ensure the smooth migration of processes and improve the knowledge, abilities, and expertise of their IT team to bolster several implementations, efficiently and effectively.

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Rasith Wickramasingha, Group Director of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) and Harsha Randeny, Microsoft country manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives shaking hands in the presence of representatives from Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) and Microsoft Sri Lanka.

Rasith Wickramasingha, Group Director of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) commented, “CBL’s journey with Microsoft Azure has been nothing short of transformative. Our migration to this powerful cloud platform has not only enhanced our manufacturing efficiency but has also opened new possibilities for innovation and growth. What we have achieved is not only a financial gain but has also helped us strengthen our market presence and bring greater value to our customers. Collaborating with Microsoft and their partners has been instrumental in this journey, and we are excited to continue our pursuit of excellence in confectionery manufacturing, both in Sri Lanka and beyond.”

A path to profitability and an increase in efficiency with the adoption of Microsoft Azure

Acknowledging the importance of achieving better cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility, CBL recently migrated to a fully managed Open Source Software Database (OSS DB) and Application Services on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The System Applications and Products (SAP) were integrated to a DevOps environment reducing network latency, insuring business system performance and stability with enhanced security and recovery capabilities.

This migration has resulted in the empowerment of the CBL Salesforce Team as the system now allows for real-time monitoring of sales and inventory, which optimizes the distribution and sales process. While this results in maintaining a steady stream of stocks for distributors, it also ensures that products are available for consumers. Additionally, the availability of real-time data allows CBL to make better pricing decisions that reflect positively on the consumer buying power. The migration to Azure has further improved CBL’s manufacturing process. With the ‘Smart Factories’ running 24×7 and down time not being an option, technical innovation has been made possible to improve efficiency in manufacturing.

Modern cloud security technologies that come with Microsoft Azure have moreover strengthened the overall operations of CBL enabling secure logins and data protection. Having an impact on different levels of operations, the adoption of Microsoft Azure has truly benefited CBL which has reflected in a significant decrease in overall costs, the benefit of which will be invested on research and Development and relevant technology, adding value to the end product that reaches to the consumers.

Engaging Microsoft partners to accelerate transformation

To enable a smoother transition and drive the transformation process, CBL and Microsoft recognized the importance of incorporating appropriate resources, the need to bring in the right tools, and seeking collaborative assistance through partner support to streamline the code rewriting process.

The database migration on to the cloud was implemented by Quadrant Resource’s QMigrator with expertise in implementing and testing specific solutions, as well as providing guidance on best practices and industry standards.

Canarys Automations supported CBL in this process by providing a DevOps workshop through the Azure Skills for Organizations (ASO) programme to educate and help the team implement DevOps practices in their Azure environment.

Meanwhile, as a Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) providing Azure services to CBL, H One, supported the company to leverage the full power of Microsoft Azure and ensure the effective and efficient use of the platform.

By working with Microsoft partners, CBL has been able to make informed decisions, leverage new capabilities, and accelerate their transformation journey.

Harsha Randeny, Microsoft country manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives said, “As CBL operations continue to grow, it entails a complex environment and IT infrastructure. With Microsoft Azure technology, we are empowering CBL to manage their IT resources, while providing advanced tools and services that accelerate application development and deployment. The built-in DevOps capabilities of Microsoft Azure will enable faster time-to-market for new products and services, enabling companies to stay ahead of the competition and help them to innovate and grow in today’s dynamic business environment.”

CBL’s migration to Microsoft Azure is ensuring a consistent and secure platform for the company through streamlining development, increasing efficiency, and maintaining a flexible environment. With a commitment to continue to innovate, CBL understands the importance of staying agile in today’s fast paced business landscape and looks forward to maintaining their growth trajectory. With the use of Microsoft technology, the company is empowered to carry forward the vision of expanding within and beyond the country’s boundaries.

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