Author: Microsoft Asia News Center

What’s big in edtech in Asia?

At the heart of a city in Asia, one student sits in her classroom, taking lesson notes with a laptop. On her way home, she makes final edits to an assignment on her tablet and submits it via her school’s e-learning platform. In the suburbs, another student calls to inform … Read more »

Unlocking Asia’s Digital Future with 21st Century Skills

Bill Gates likes to call himself an “impatient optimist.” I do too. When I meet people like Hai, a 25 year old programmer from Vietnam with cerebral palsy, I am filled with pride and excitement. There is so much to be done, so many opportunities to pursue, a truly inclusive … Read more »

South Korea’s Coding Heroes bring creativity back into the classroom

Already a technological powerhouse, South Korea is banking on a new generation of software education specialists to propel the country into the fourth industrial revolution. Studying computer science and law, Geon-hoon Lee, 26, is the very poster-child of Korea’s young, computer-savvy workforce. Earlier this year Geon-hoon Lee joined the “Be … Read more »