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Fashion e-commerce company, Myntra, is using Azure Machine Learning and data to gain insight into consumer demands, leading to a successful End of Reason Sale despite COVID-19’s disruption to the industry. Myntra continues to enable international and domestic fashion brands to cater better to consumer needs with the power of data.

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Sri Lanka Tea Board and Tea Traders Association

In less than a week, Sri Lanka Tea Board and Tea Traders Association century old auction was moved online using Microsoft Azure and allowed buying and selling to be conducted safely and securely, sheltering the industry and those who depend on it from the disastrous consequences of a COVID-19 shutdown.

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women shopping retail


With AI and facial recognition, Trakomatic in Singapore has developed a solution that allows retailers to identify VIP customers and enhances customer experience through predictive and personalized service, and helps service staff provide personalized attention.

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Scanning a grocery barcoode with handheld scanner


Coles, a leading retailer in Australia, uses advanced analytics and AI to manage 40,000 products, 115,000 team members, and 2,450 stores, while optimizing the storage of 20,000 different items with different legal requirements in individual stores. Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure serves as a digital foundation to enhance the retail experience, support employees, and strip waste and delay from the business.

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Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes in India serves over 20 million customers worldwide through it water purification, vacuum cleaning, air purification, and home security solutions. To reinvent itself, they migrated their sales function to Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 to provide digital leads and customer insights to drive sales effectiveness.

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Priceline Pharmacy Network

In Australia, Priceline used Microsoft’s Power Apps to build its Heart in Hand app, taking less than half the time to build. The app collects data automatically, allowing business leaders to instantly assess sales, review promotion performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Social media influencer, Bobby Tonelli, tries out Microsoft Synchronized Shopping in Singapore.

Harvey Norman

In Microsoft Synchronized Shopping, AI powers a product advisor to recommend the perfect device suited to the user’s needs via a simple questionnaire, even reminding the user to pop in for a look when they are in the vicinity of the store. The first place in the world to experience it in action is Singapore!

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Japan Travel Board

The JAPAN Trip Navigator smartphone app has been updated with a new chatbot, Miko, amongst other new features that use the computational power of Microsoft Azure and Artificial Intelligence to help independent foreign visitors explore the country almost effortlessly.

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Hong Kong property agency, Centaline launched its first mobile app called “Centaline Property” which enables users to sift through listings of apartments. The app, built on Azure, allows buyers and sellers to digitally sign documents from anywhere in the world securely through blockchain technology.

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Clobotics in China developed a system that allows retailers to use smartphones to take photos of products on store shelves and get immediate feed-back. AI identifies the SKU numbers at a rate of 95% accuracy, then gives real-time actionable insights like the shelf-share ratio, out of stock rate, and other meaningful data.

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After every professional baseball match in Japan, hours are spent selecting the best photos for fans and commercial use. FUJIFILM and Microsoft Japan now have an AI solution that can do the job under 30 minutes, even when players’ faces are not visible in an angled or side shot.

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PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC)

To keep more than 4,000 staff and other road users safe, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) partnered with its drivers and Microsoft to create the ‘AI for Road Safety’ solution. The solution uses artificial intelligence to monitor drivers’ behavior, and alert them if they are becoming drowsy or distracted. And, the fleet manager can dispatch a relief driver, if necessary.

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Ricacorp Properties Limited

The Hong Kong real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world. Through using AI to understand customers’ property desires, Ricacorp Properties Limited foresees earnings to rise by 30-40 percent and profits to increase by 40-50 percent.

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Smoking at petrol stations are a no-no, and yet motorists light up when they shouldn’t. To address this, Shell is working with Microsoft in Singapore and Thailand to use deep-learning AI models to identify such behavior and raise instantaneous alerts.

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