Cloud adoption by Asia Pacific cities set to double over next three years

New report shows government acceptance of cloud technology in the region.


A report on cloud adoption practices in the Asia Pacific, released two months ago, predicts that cities will quickly be taking up cloud-based services and solutions to handle their day-to-day as well as long-term requirements.

The 35-page research paper is the first comprehensive evaluation of the impact of cloud computing on governments in the region. It looks at the numerous benefits governments will be able to enjoy from cloud computing, the risks of migrating to the cloud, perceived barriers to embracing the cloud, and other questions that government officials may ask when considering a cloud-based solution for their organisation.

The full report, ‘City Cloud: Cloud Adoption for Asia’s Cities’, is available as a free digital download – read it to find out more. Vice President of Microsoft Public Sector Asia, Stefan Sjostrom, also shares more about the report in this video.

This story was first published on FutureGov on Mar 10, 2015.

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