Providing care by numbers

How data can transform our health system This blog post was authored by Gabe Rijpma, senior director, Health & Social Services, Microsoft Asia On a typical morning, Janice gets into her car at 8am and visits her patients in Christchurch, New Zealand. Janice is an elderly support care worker and … Read more »

Can justice be served quicker than ever?

Five steps to build a better courts service. This blog post was authored by Arthur T. Ball, managing director, Public Safety and National Security, Microsoft Asia Justice is a public service – and it should be served quickly and accurately. But bureaucracy, skills shortages, security requirements, and old technologies cause … Read more »

How can cloud help you secure your datacenter?

This blog post was authored by David Chandra, Director for Public Sector Cloud Services, Asia When you think of security, you might think of a safe. It’s held in one place; hidden away; and difficult to hack into. But in the 21st century it is unrealistic for government agencies to store … Read more »

Conversation starters wanted

This blog post was authored by Tony Newling, Senior Director, Government Public Sector, Microsoft Asia City leaders, we need to talk. Specifically, we need to talk more with citizens. A recent Microsoft survey showed that cities must provide residents with more information and understand their concerns. We found that 80% … Read more »

Why are some cities more cheerful than others?

This blog post was authored by Stefan Sjöström, Vice President of Public Sector Asia, Microsoft Are you feeling optimistic? Across Asia, there is a markedly different response to that question. In some cities, people feel generally pessimistic about the future, new Microsoft research has found, while other Asian cities have … Read more »

The seven characteristics of Asia’s best mayors

This blog post was authored by Stefan Sjostrom, Vice President of Public Sector Asia, Microsoft As I travel around Asia meeting city leaders, I’m increasingly struck by what I will dub ‘The New Mayors’. They are a breed of public servants who share common cause and approaches. Their cities could … Read more »

Wattblock lights the way for CityNext to shine

Wattblock . . . it all started with a three day blackout in a Sydney apartment tower, the resignation of the chair of the strata body corporate, and apartment owner and resident Brent Clark volunteering for the dubious honour of becoming the next chair. From that position Brent looked through … Read more »

CityNext – the future is now

If you were asked to imagine an ideal city, what would it look like and how would it work? You would probably wish that it was clean, safe and inexpensive. That its citizens were wealthy, healthy and well-educated. Transport services would be excellent of course and crime rates would be … Read more »

Making our cities more resilient

As we work to make our cities great places to live, the exchange of ideas is critical. And that’s exactly what the 2015 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors’ Forum is all about. The 10th APCS summit, which just took place this week in Brisbane, Australia, brought together a … Read more »