Electric-car-sharing program cuts transportation costs by 90%


The Autolib’ organisation, an electric-car-sharing program established by the city of Paris and 63 surrounding municipalities, has allowed former car owners to reduce their transportation costs by 90 per cent annually, as reported in this whitepaper.

In addition to the cost savings, the organisation aims to relieve traffic congestion, reduce noise and air pollution, and provide commuters with more flexible transportation options. Using Microsoft technology, they expect to replace more than 25,000 privately owned cars and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 75 metric tons by 2023.

In New Zealand, Auckland Transport has taken steps to be ready for their estimated doubled population by 2040; from 1.4 million to a projected 2.8 million citizens. With measures implemented such as filling bus cards online and reporting potholes from a smartphone, the transportation agency has boosted efficiency and increased the use of public transport.

Find out more about the successes of other government organisations across the world – read the whitepaper, ‘Building Modern Cities’.

This story was first published on FutureGov on April 15, 2015.

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