Five key areas where your city could be safer


Increasingly dense urban environments may offer new opportunities, but also come with risks to public safety – from petty crimes to homicides to terrorism. Natural disasters are also an ever-present risk, challenging governments to coordinate relief efforts and keep people informed while coping with shrinking resources.

To ensure safer communities, cities need to respond smarter and faster to threats, and provide more ways to prepare citizens during times of need. However, it can be difficult trying to address these issues in the face of financial constraints, administrative complexity, and expectations of rapid return on investments. In order to juggle all these factors while maintaining a high level of service delivery for citizens, many governments have turned to cities experts for holistic security solutions.

According to the whitepaper, ‘Creating Safer Cities’, there are five key areas in which cities have opportunities to improve their safety and security efforts. These areas are: surveillance systems, intelligence and analysis, emergency management, neighbourhood management, and court and judicial management.

Find out how your city can improve in these five key areas – download the whitepaper here.

This story was first published on FutureGov on April 22, 2015.

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