Microsoft, KPMG partner to co-develop scalable IoT solutions to support business model innovation

Partnership rides on global strategic collaboration to jointly deliver new suites of innovative solutions and services.

Industry leaders Microsoft and KPMG in Singapore (KPMG) have partnered under the KPMG Digital Village programme to develop new solutions to support their clients’ business transformation and business model innovation endeavours. As a key Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, Microsoft brings their world-class cloud capability to the strategic business insights that KPMG can provide to businesses looking for practical digital solutions.

The collaboration in Singapore mirrors the global Microsoft and KPMG relationship that is driven by a shared certainty that clients are looking for business partners with solutions and services that combine the best in leading-edge technology, industry insight and innovative thinking.

Mr Lyon Poh, Head of Digital + Innovation, KPMG in Singapore, says: “Today, most organisations operate as ‘service-based’ businesses that are powered by people. In the near future, we envision businesses transitioning towards being ‘asset-based’, powered by technology and intelligent solutions such as IoT, Blockchain technologies and telematics. This partnership brings our collective industry expertise and capabilities together with Microsoft’s engineering talent and technologies to do just that for our clients.”

Andreas Hartl, General Manager, Cloud and Enterprise Division, Microsoft Asia Pacific shares: “The convergence of connectivity, cloud and mobile technologies is creating a shift in how companies need to operate. Microsoft research in Asia shows that 57 percent of business leaders still feel that they lag behind in digital strategies. However, 55 percent of business leaders in Asia today are prioritising IoT in the next 12 to 18 months. This partnership with KPMG in Singapore will enable us to provide proof of concepts to accelerate adoption of important solutions like IoT and leverage insights strategically in a way that will empower every individual and every organisation to achieve more.”

Leveraging HealthTech to fight the war on diabetes

The first outcome of this partnership is a prototype of an IoT-enabled lifestyle management solution to help KPMG and Microsoft’s corporate clients deliver patient-centric solutions to their end-customers. Specifically, this solution combines the use of a wearable device, connected weighing machine and a customised app.

It aims to help corporates such as insurers and healthcare providers empower people at high-risk for diabetes, pre-diabetics and newly-diagnosed diabetics to monitor and manage their lifestyle in order to prevent or manage the progression of the disease.

This solution was inspired by Singapore’s Ministry of Health’s declaration of a ‘war on diabetes’ earlier in April this year, which highlighted that one in three diabetics who are diagnosed have poor control over their condition[1] and 12 percent of our population suffers from pre-diabetes[2].

Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service platform, this solution differentiates itself by incorporating the Asian diet, lifestyle and culture. An example of Asian-centricity is how the app enables the family to get involved by monitoring and motivating the individual, thus making the management of diabetes a family affair.

Looking ahead, subsequent iterations of the solution will include additional features such as fraud detection. Completely built in-house, this commercially viable solution is the outcome of Digital Village’s multi-disciplinary team of digital strategists, customer experience specialists, data scientists and designers.

“Microsoft and KPMG collaborated to develop a solution that is scalable but yet easily pivoted to the specific needs of our clients. The result is a solution that can help our corporate clients drive top-line growth or reduce operational costs. If you’re an insurance company, this solution could help you reduce claim costs or enable a new business model such as behaviour-based insurance. If you’re a healthcare provider, it enables you to provide additional value-added services to patients,” said Lyon.

“We believe in providing a ready and intelligent platform, and pre-configured services to customise from, so businesses can accelerate their IoT journey. The solution we have collaborated to develop is an apt example of this. It presents the ability for companies to get started quickly, customise as per their objectives and gain insights from customer data for action,” shared Hartl.

Key partners for corporate innovation

KPMG’s Global Microsoft Alliance team was given a coveted award in July at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference – the Azure Business Transformation Win of the Year. Locally, the app is just the first of many opportunities for KPMG and Microsoft. Other initiatives to support co-innovation among both organisation’s corporate clients are underway, where Microsoft will provide the technology while KPMG provides innovation-as-a-service to corporates.

Launched in April 2016, the KPMG Digital Village is a symbiotic ecosystem matching, fostering and forging innovation ventures between companies and start-ups. It is now connected to over 5,000 start-ups across the globe and multiple corporate partners who believe that collaboration is the way to go to accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of innovative solutions in organisations.



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