HoloLens: Teaching with new realities

Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies, such as Microsoft HoloLens, are bringing new meaning to the old saying “practice makes perfect”. In Australia, they are profoundly changing how two leading educational institutions prepare their students to deal with the sorts of scenarios they will face in their professional … Read more »

Future of the patient journey in Asia

By Gabe Rijpma, Senior Director Health & Social Services, Microsoft Asia By 2020, a million new devices will be online every single hour[1]. These devices comprise not just consumer devices like mobile phones and tablets but also devices such as sensors and intelligent buildings that are connected online. Additionally, in … Read more »

Providing care by numbers

How data can transform our health system This blog post was authored by Gabe Rijpma, senior director, Health & Social Services, Microsoft Asia On a typical morning, Janice gets into her car at 8am and visits her patients in Christchurch, New Zealand. Janice is an elderly support care worker and … Read more »

Enabling access to healthcare for millions and many more in Asia

By Callum Bir, Director for the Health and Social Services Industry, Microsoft Asia Pacific Developed markets and emerging markets alike are facing healthcare challenges in Asia Pacific. Take for example, in India, close to 850 million people lack access to quality healthcare while in New Zealand, long distances between homes … Read more »

The world in 2026: how should we care for the elderly?

This blog post was authored by Gabe Rijpma, Senior Director, Health & Social Services, Microsoft Asia When I think of the future of healthcare, I think of my own family. In a decade’s time my father will be 85 and require some support – probably some of it from my … Read more »

Microsoft and Predixion Software announce partnership to bring predictive analytics at the point of care to Asia Pacific healthcare

Solutions will empower healthcare customers to enhance patient outcomes in the region   Singapore, April 8, 2015 – Microsoft Services and Predixion Software announced today that the two companies will bring Predixion’s healthcare solutions — Preventable Readmission and Length of Stay Management — to Asia Pacific, with Microsoft Services as … Read more »