Rethinking hardware refreshes for the new digital economy with Surface as a Service

As organizations transform to keep up with constant changes in the digital age, shorter hardware refresh cycles are increasingly becoming the norm. Here’s how business leaders can stay ahead of the technology curve with Microsoft’s new leasing program for Surface.

By Jacqui Miranda, Director, Surface Devices Sales and Marketing, Microsoft Asia Pacific

In my recent conversations with business leaders in the region, a common discussion topic is how the digital revolution is changing how business is conducted today. With the 4th industrial revolution at its tipping point, organizations are looking to experience the benefits that new technologies bring to the table i.e. reduced costs. Improved efficiency, and a more agile workforce that can be productive beyond the traditional 9-to-5.

In fact, the Microsoft New World of Work Study conducted with 5,000 mobile professional in Asia, highlighted that 7 in 10 working professionals in the region are expected to respond to internal stakeholders within four hours. As such, workforces are clamouring for tools that can help meet the productivity demands of an increasingly connected workplace.

Today, business leaders recognize the need to keep up with the latest in technology to stay ahead of the curve. Traditional workflows are transitioning towards a more mobile-centric model, where thin-and-light mobile computing solutions with all-day battery life and connectivity are becoming the tools of choice. As such, the days of three or five-year hardware refreshes by corporate IT departments are numbered due to consistently high demand for cutting-edge equipment by a technologically-savvy workforce.

Mitigating Cost Concerns with a Pay-Per-Use Model

Since the launch of Surface, we have received great feedback from enterprises seeking a powerful, yet portable device to empower their employees to stay productive anytime, anywhere. Surface works well for businesses, bringing the best of mobile and traditional desktop setup in a sleek, thin form factor.

However, a key barrier in organizations today in adopting new hardware like Surface is cost. Many organizations still adopt a CAPEX model when investing in technology. However, as hardware refresh cycles become shorter, a CAPEX model does not offer the flexibility and agility business leaders seek in today’s day and age.

With heavy investment sunk into ageing hardware investments, it becomes challenging for organizations to switch to newer technologies in a flash. After all, such processes require time and meticulous planning to ensure business continuity and seamless transition. As such, businesses are naturally wary of accelerated hardware refreshes, opting instead for a phased approach today.

But what if such costs concerns can be mitigated with a pay-per-use scheme?

Enter Surface as a Service.

The super mobile and productive Windows 2-in-1 device from Microsoft is available via authorized partners* in Australia and Malaysia (and soon New Zealand and Singapore) on a per-user, per month leasing scheme. The scheme offers a variety of options for businesses to acquire Surface along with the Type Cover, extended hardware warranty, along with Office 365 Business.

Flexibility and Freedom in the Digital Age

Surface as a Service is a model that provides the ultimate flexibility and freedom for enterprises in their deployment and purchasing decisions, and provides an “always-refreshed” approach with Windows and Office.

The Service offers the following benefits for businesses:

  1. Optimizing purchasing power: A leasing approach enables businesses to optimize their IT spend to meet current business needs, and scale when required
  2. Protecting against technology obsolescence: With the Service, businesses can benefit from technological advancement through equipment refreshes, as well as end-of-lease flexibility where organizations can choose to return the device, keep the device or extend the agreement.
  3. Eliminating the hassle of equipment disposal: The program enables organizations to return the device to our authorized partners at the end of lease term, rather than figuring a decommissioning process
  4. Simplifying total acquisition: Leasing allows consolidation of Surface and related Microsoft products and services within one single payment. This means that businesses only need to deal with one single vendor for their IT needs, rather than multiple vendors.

Additionally, the Service also ensures that businesses automatically receive Windows 10 and Office 365 updates, enabling businesses to be up-to-date with new features, including the latest security updates.

But more importantly, the partners that we’ve chosen to work with have also raised the bar in providing a comprehensive leasing solution for enterprises. Surface as a Service is more than just a leasing program for customers, but also an opportunity for partners in the region to tailor services and customized solutions that will help change the way businesses work and operate.

We have made it our mission to empower every individual and organization to do more with our technology. With Surface as a Service, we continue to work with like-minded partners to offer solutions that address business challenges of organizations in Asia.

If you’re interested to learn more about Surface as a Service, please visit the following partner websites:

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