The future beckons through emerging technologies

The 4th Industrial Revolution will disrupt the way we work, live, and play, and is expected to have far-reaching impacts on the industries of tomorrow, writes Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia.

In an article published on Singapore’s GovTech website, he says a key part of this revolution is the confluence of cutting-edge technologies united by the cloud, data and powerful analytics.

Microsoft recently commissioned a survey of about 1,500 business decision makers across Asia Pacific to understand their digital transformation journeys. The survey identified five emerging technologies of interest to companies in the coming months:

  • artificial intelligence
  • the internet of things
  • wearable devices
  • virtual/augmented/mixed reality
  • quantum computing

Read more about what Asia’s business leaders think in Haupter’s full article in GovTech.

Also read his blog on artificial intelligence and watch his Asia Vision Series video.


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