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Coding the way to a brighter future in 2018 & beyond

As the world ushers in 2018, there are many reasons to celebrate the new year. For hundreds of thousands of youths who participated in the Hour of Code across Asia, one reason is that they are already starting the year on a bright note. After all, they have been introduced to skills … Read more »

Unlocking Asia’s Digital Future with 21st Century Skills

Bill Gates likes to call himself an “impatient optimist.” I do too. When I meet people like Hai, a 25 year old programmer from Vietnam with cerebral palsy, I am filled with pride and excitement. There is so much to be done, so many opportunities to pursue, a truly inclusive … Read more »

South Korea’s Coding Heroes bring creativity back into the classroom

Already a technological powerhouse, South Korea is banking on a new generation of software education specialists to propel the country into the fourth industrial revolution. Studying computer science and law, Geon-hoon Lee, 26, is the very poster-child of Korea’s young, computer-savvy workforce. Earlier this year Geon-hoon Lee joined the “Be … Read more »

Minecraft brings new hope to Cambodia’s underprivileged kids

One of the joys of technology today is how it can bring people together. That’s what happened when 16 members of Microsoft’s APAC Finance team recently visited a very special charity organization in one of Asia’s poorest nations – the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF). During their visit, the Microsoft staffers … Read more »