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Azrina Muhamad ZukiMicrosoft celebrates computer science education week by reinforcing its commitment to building a future-ready Asia Pacific

As part of its ongoing efforts to close the digital skills gap, Microsoft has kicked off Future Ready, an annual initiative run in partnership with nonprofits and schools to generate interest amongst students to learn computer science and empower teachers with skills to teach computer science… Read more »



Digital Native LearnerFive ways to connect with digital native learners in Asia

The digitally-driven environment of today has given rise to a new generation of learners. Here is how you better engage them with technology and deliver a richer learning experience…. Read more »



VIDEO: Mixed reality brings indigenous cultures to life in Australian classrooms

Microsoft Australia is proud to contribute to the safeguarding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and language with the launch of Australia’s first mixed reality and digital skills initiative, the Njulgang Project… Watch the video »



RadioLIVE: How is Minecraft helping with education?

Deirdre Quarnstrom, Microsoft’s General Manager of Minecraft Education explains the game and the impact it has on the children who play and learn with it. Read more… Read more »



Two students looking at a deviceFour tech trends empowering educators across Asia

The future of education is exciting. As the education industry in Asia evolves in step with recent technological advances, new ways of teaching and learning have emerged — empowering educators with more solutions to better engage learners. From artificial intelligence (AI) to immersive learning experiences, the rise of such technologies… Read more »



Minecraft migrates into classrooms: is educational gaming the way of the future?

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and educational games like Minecraft can help them engage students and prepare them for the jobs of the future, according to Microsoft’s Deirdre Quarnstrom, who is visiting New Zealand schools to promote the game’s new educational edition… Read more »



Microsoft + Made by Dyslexia: Helping dyslexic students thrive with technology

Microsoft becomes the first company to sign the Made by Dyslexia pledge: to give the 700 million people with dyslexia around the world access to technology that empowers them to excel in their academic journey, and in life. Every dyslexic child should be understood and given the right support to realize their brilliant potential… Read more »



MIE Expert 2018-2019 bannerInnovative educators are making a difference in digital Asia

5 October marks World Teachers’ Day, and this year’s theme is focused on reminding the global community that the right to education cannot be achieved without training and qualifying teachers. The “Teachers’ Gap” is more pronounced among vulnerable populations… Read more »



Inspiring students in Asia to create social impact with tech

The world’s problems are often complex, lacking a straightforward solution and well-defined approach—a reality many educators today are trying to prepare their students for. To develop their students’ future readiness, Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts (MIEEs) in Asia are bringing real-world problems into the classroom… Read more »



How artificial intelligence is changing education in Asia and around the world

Right now, a chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI) can act as a virtual friend and can even speak in multiple languages. Doctors are also starting to use AI in various ways to diagnose illnesses and to make surgical operations safer. Some farmers rely on AI to grow more crops… Read more »



children lifting up laptops in a classroomNo more computer lessons on a blackboard: Happy students now learn in a computer lab

Teacher Richard Appiah Akoto became a global social media sensation after posting pictures of himself giving computer lessons with a blackboard and chalk because his school in rural Ghana had no working computers. Now, his biggest wish has come true: His students are happily learning digital skills in a brand new computer lab.. Read more »



Richard and Anthony face to faceTeacher who used a chalkboard in a computer class with no computers, stars at Microsoft’s Education Exchange

A teacher who resorted to using a chalkboard in his computer studies class – because his school in Ghana had no working PCs – has been given a star treatment at an international educators’ conference hosted by Microsoft in Singapore… Read more »



E2 Group PhotoCelebrating educators globally at Microsoft Education Exchange 2018

Microsoft hosted its annual Education Exchange (E2) conference in Singapore this week, with educators and school leaders around the world exchanging ideas to develop innovative experiences in classrooms, as well as explore emerging trends in education, including new technologies that support teaching, skills development… Read more »



Boy in front of a chalkboard87% of education leaders believe they need to be a digital institution to succeed

Leaders in Asia Pacific’s education sector are showing urgency in embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution. 87% of them believe that they need to transform to a digital institution to enable future growth, yet only 23% said that they have a full digital strategy in place today. These are some of the key findings of the Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Survey… Read more »



Girl using a Surface LaptopPersonalizing education with technology in Asia

While personalized learning may have only gotten its official name in 1970, its history goes back much further. The concept is based on ideas that have existed for nearly a whole century, with the Winnetka Plan and Dalton Plan introducing tailored strategies for individual learners… Read more »



Understanding when tech effectively improves learning in Asia

To ensure that students stay engaged and empower them to be future-ready, education institutions are embarking on their digital journeys to introduce technology tools and digitalize their environments. However, one question that many education institutions still have when pursuing their transformation initiatives is: Is technology effective in improving learning outcomes?… Read more »



Keeping up with the growth of technology in the classroom in Asia

Whether it’s creating worlds in Minecraft: Education Edition to explain complex concepts, using Skype to connect to classrooms around the world or leveraging analytics to personalize learning, digital technologies have taken root in classrooms around Asia with the aim of driving better learning outcomes for students… Read more »



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