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Driving Asia Pacific’s Digital Transformation

At Microsoft, we put people at the heart of our technology. As Asia Pacific transforms and digitalizes, innovation matters because of its potential to impact lives and address challenges in the region.

The COVID-19 situation has changed our businesses, communities, and world. The private and public sectors must work together to turn the tide – with strong leadership and empathy. How we respond together and create opportunities with human spirit and ingenuity will define the decade.

Asia Pacific is home to 2.3 billion internet users. As new norms of remote working and learning evolve in the era of COVID-19, people and organizations are increasingly relying on technology to solve problems and stay connected. In the words of our CEO Satya Nadella, we saw “two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months” after the pandemic struck.

Microsoft is committed to helping every person and every organization on the planet achieve more. We are working to help industries maintain business continuity during the crisis while at the same time supporting their efforts to build new digital capabilities in readiness for eventual economic recovery. To ensure that no one is left behind during this time of transition, we are also providing underserved communities and non-profit organizations with technology tools and support.

Building trust by ensuring security and privacy for our customers’ data is a strategic priority for every solution at Microsoft. Cyber resilience means our customers can use technology with confidence.

As technology helps us move beyond COVID-19, we are also focusing on other pressing global issues, such as the environment, for equal opportunity, and security, so businesses and individuals can grasp new opportunities in the years ahead.

Here are the ways Microsoft is empowering Asia Pacific for the future:

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