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Stories Asia

Financial Services


Moula in Australia is using AI to accelerate the speed at which small businesses can get a loan with AI and machine learning. With smaller businesses moving online, this translates into triple-digit growth for Moula. Over the next year, Moula aims to lend $250 million to businesses after major banks pulled back from SME lending.

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AMC China

One of China’s largest investment houses, China AMC partnered with Microsoft researchers to develop a new AI model that sifts and analyzes vast amounts of real-time financial data. It empowers financial professionals to make better informed buy-and-sell market decisions.

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YES Bank India

YES BANK in India partnered Microsoft to build the first, AI-enabled chatbot, YES ROBOT. With advanced NLP engine Language Understanding Intelligent Service, the conversational AI enhances customer service by personalizing interactions and reducing response rates.

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Woman takes a smartphone image of her damaged car on a busy street

ICICI Lombard

Insurance company ICICI Lombard has partnered with Microsoft to develop India’s first AI-enabled car inspection feature in its mobile app, “Insure”. The app allows policyholders to simply take photos of their vehicles and upload them. AI then analyses the images, identifies damages and provides an estimated repair cost.

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NAB's cardless ATM re;lies on facial recognition.

National Australia Bank (NAB)

Card fraud and skimming are giving banks headaches and costing them over $30 million a year. NAB and Microsoft have collaborated to design a proof of concept ATM using cloud and AI, to improve customer experience by removing the need for physical cards or devices to access cash

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