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Building trust in Asia

Microsoft-IDC: Understanding consumer trust
in digital services in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is one of the most digitally active regions globally. While consumers in the region are becoming increasingly reliant on digital services, consumers are also more aware of the risks involved in interacting and transacting online as their personal data can potentially be abused not only by hackers but also by organizations.

A Microsoft-IDC Asia/Pacific study found that only 31% of consumers believe that their personal data will be treated in a trustworthy manner by organizations offering digital services.

The study, titled Understanding Consumer Trust in Digital Services in Asia Pacific”, aims to understand consumers’ expectations of trust, uncover their experiences with digital services and provide tangible insights to organizations to help bridge the gap by earning and sustaining the trust of consumers in the digital world.

The study was conducted with nearly 6,400 consumers across 14 markets in Asia Pacific.

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Trusted voices

Technology and AI

Getting Ready for an AI Future: Consumers’ perspective

Technology has brought us closer than ever before, providing opportunities to share knowledge and create value on a scale unprecedented in human history.

As AI continues to breakthrough, Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia, discusses the consumers’ acceptance of AI.

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Low consumer trust in Asia Pacific: Should we be ok with it?

Consumers are increasingly questioning whether they can trust the technology companies that design, develop, and deploy digital services with their personal data.

Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia, shares the 5 strategies that organizations can adopt to foster greater consumer trust.

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Is trust a depleting commodity today?

In the era of “fake news”, election meddling, and increasing cyberattacks, trust in technology has become a commodity in short supply.

Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia, discusses the importance for organizations to build consumer trust and take responsibility for their actions.

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AI is built on trust

While the rapid advancement of AI unlocks progress across every field of human endeavor, it is also raising complex and critical questions around trust.

Microsoft Asia President Ralph Haupter shares why designing a trustworthy AI is vital and the ethical principles that should be at the heart of any AI-powered solutions and deployment.

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Safer Internet Day in Asia: Building trust in a digital world

To address some of the pressing questions around trust, Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel and Regional Director, Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), Microsoft Asia, discussed how we can foster greater trust in this digital age with three technology thought leaders, Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External & Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia; Dr. Biplab Sikdar, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS); and Jared Ragland, Senior Director for Policy, APAC, Business Software Alliance (BSA).

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