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Identifying the “Marmite Gene” with AI

Marmite: Love it or hate it? Marmite and digital agency, AnalogFolks, propose that a person’s receptivity to the yeast-based food spread is based on their “Marmite Gene”. By using an app, TasteFace, people can discover their own ‘Marmite Gene’ in a fun and engaging way… Read more »



AI and wind turbines: A peek into the future of energy

Countries across the globe are looking to raise their renewable energy mix to 22.5% by 2020. To maximize renewable energy production, Envision turned to AI. “Smart” wind turbines equipped with up to 500 sensors each can monitor factors like wind speed and direction… Read more »



AI in hospitals: Moving away from a price tag approach to human life

The average cost of hospitalization in urban India is approximately US$383, having tripled over the last decade. This is a heavy burden for more than half the population who earn less than US$2 daily. Healthcare organization Narayana Health believes that high-quality healthcare can be… Read more »



Sing a different jolly tune this festive season with AI

What if this holiday season, your Christmas carols could sound the same, but different? Together with Microsoft, Thomas Holm, a contestant on Norway’s “The Voice”, gives us a fresh twist on holiday tunes with a sprinkle of AI… Read more »



Discover penguin colonies with AI

With melting ice and warming temperatures, Antarctica and its pristine wilderness – including penguins – are under threat. Penguin populations are tricky to track. Their remote habitat presents difficulties for collecting data in an effort to conserve colonies… Read more »



AI combats malnutrition in children

According to the United Nations, 821 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, with 15,000 children succumbing to malnutrition daily. Early intervention can reduce mortality, and potentially… Read more »



Explore Korea’s history and culture like never before with AI

For years, the education system has focused on rote memorization in preparation for all-or-nothing qualifying examinations. While this approach emphasizes a knowledge of Korean literature… Read more »



AI and Data at the heart of Formula One

With 10 teams and 21 races around the globe; the Formula One World Championship is an ongoing showcase of pushing the limits of automotive design. For the engineers on Renault Sport Formula One Team, technology is key to their hopes of winning the coveted Constructors’ Championship… Read more »



Bringing fans closer to DJ Martin Garrix with AI

DJ Martin Garrix’s latest book, LIFE=CRAZY, offers fans an intimate view of his superstar life. It brings readers on a visual journey through a series of photographs of Garrix’s personal moments… Read more »



Drive across the world’s longest sea bridge and park with help from the cloud and AI

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is the world’s longest sea bridge at 55km in length. It connects 68 million people across Hong Kong, Macau and 11 mainland cities… Read more »


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