Collaborate with your team mates effectively in the New World of Work

Hack 3: Collaborate more efficiently to improve your productivity
Explore tips and tricks that will help hack your way to becoming more productive through collaboration.


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The New World of Work is about being agile, productive and collaborative regardless of where you are and what device you are using. Companies which enable employees with the right technology, support and work environment are empowering them to be more productive and efficient at work.

Based on a Microsoft New World of Work Online Survey of 5,000 working professionals, we found that only 44 out of 100 in Asia truly feel well equipped for today’s fast-paced digital work-life.

As Microsoft continues to innovate with Office 365, new capabilities are not just about doing work faster, but also about reinventing how you get things done. After all, work should be a thing you do and not a place you go to.

Here’s how you can hack your way into being more collaborative:

#1 Communicate!

Collaboration starts first with communication and it’s important to maintain an open line among colleagues and managers so that you can address issues and feedback in a timely manner. Sometimes, an instant message via Skype may just do the trick. Other times, it may be worthwhile to pick up the phone or just grab coffee with your colleagues to have an open discussion about issues and challenges.

Whatever the case, having a collaborative working relationship starts with frankness and opennes among team members – so why not take the first step and invite someone to coffee today?

#2 Connect with your team instantly with Skype for Business


Team - Skype for Business

If you need quick decisions made on-the-spot, but have different members of the team in different locations, Skype for Business[1] offers a communciation-centric productivity platform where you can IM or even do quick team calls to get work done.

#3 Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time on Office 2016



The new Office 2016 takes the work out of teamwork with the new co-authoring feature. With real-time collaboration, teams can instantly see changes made within the document in the app, making the experience close to real life.

To get started, save your Word 2016 document to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Next, click the Share button, located in the upper right of the window and invite your colleagues to the document. They have the option to edit or view in Word 2016 or Word Online (if they don’t have Word 2016 installed). If you are in the document at the same time as others, you will see a flag representing each person and where they are located. Co-authoring is now available on the desktop app as well as the web version of Office.

#4 Share meeting notes and inspirations instantly with OneNote


OneNote for Teams

An easy and fast way to collaborate remotely is to set up a shared OneNote notebook for your team. You can easily get up-to-speed on meeting notes, or share recorded audio and embed YouTube, Vimeo or Office Mix videos onto the notebook for easy sharing of ideas and inspirations.


Agile, responsive and modern – Office 365 provides a breadth of tools for the modern workplace. Constantly updated and scalable, you can be sure that every employee always has the latest productivity features to get things done. And with Skype for Business and enhanced productivity features in Office apps, you can be sure to hack your way through the New World of Work.
[1]  Only available with Office 365 for Business. For more information, visit

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