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Extend Forming Industrial Corp.

Extend Forming Industrial Corp., a leading metals manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in automotive safety products, devised visionary plans during the pandemic to transform into a smart factory. With improved equipment efficiency and delivery rates, they earned greater confidence from international customers and are capitalizing on the growth potential of the industry.

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Toyota Hololens


Embracing change for continuous improvement has always been one of Toyota’s key values. With Microsoft HoloLens 2, Toyota could create four mixed reality environments using Azure and Dynamics 365 which can help them improve repair quality, provide innovative training for technicians, and encourage collaboration.

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Julianne Tancevski


Collaborating with Microsoft’s global team of data and analytics engineers, and specialist data and AI partner, Versor, BlueScope Australia has undertaken a root and branch transformation of its data and analytics services to meet the company’s current and future needs.

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Lenovo’s fundamental principle to embrace failure to foster innovative ideas and encourage creative thinking across the enterprise has helped them constantly create better services. During COVID-19, this mindset translated into resilience to accelerate its voice products rollout so users could take advantage of new tech innovations while they dealt with the coronavirus restrictions

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Microsoft is collaborating with Sony Japan to integrate Azure AI with intelligent vision sensor to advance smart cameras and video analytics. From helping to identify hazards before injuries occur on the manufacturing floor, to detecting when to refill retail shelfs, this integration will boost efficient allocations of resources between the edge and the cloud.

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Komatsu Japan

Komatsu Japan developed a smart factory platform to visualize and optimize conditions by collecting and analyzing data from the machine tools and robots. This enabled the company to increase production efficiency without extra equipment or personnel.

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Komatsu Australia

The Australian arm of Komatsu, consolidated all its data on Azure to automate and delve into the intricacies of the data, streamlining access for staff and customers, improving performances and halving costs.

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Forklifts in a warehouse

Tokyo Material Handling Group

The largest forklift manufacturer in the world, Tokyo Material Handling Group, uses AI, MR and IoT to lift its standards in all verticals to meet the global rise in e-commerce.

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Downer, a company with over 100 years’ rail experience in Australia, is using AI to make sense of operational data and put it into the hands of the workers that need it. It is working together with Microsoft to support the smooth delivery of Waratah commuter services across Sydney.

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Australian enterprise ACM has invested in a high-tech milk processing and manufacturing facility, tapping machine learning to reduce the risk of human error and cross-contamination. Using Azure Cognitive Services and data insights to optimize milk quality, they have saved about $100,000 in weekend overtime costs and reduced the environmental costs of spoiled milk.

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Piramal Glass India

India’s Piramal Glass have overcome production efficiency challenges of glass manufacturing through deploying AI-powered Real Time Manufacturing Insights, powered by Azure IoT platform. The results: 40% reduction in manual data gathering, 25% improvement in employee productivity, and 5% reduction in defects.

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Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (OOCL)

In Hong Kong, OOCL has come together with MSRA on a digital transformation journey to identify, manage and overcome operational uncertainties and create efficiencies. Optimizing OOCL’s existing shipping network operations is expected to save the shipping company around USD10 million in costs annually.

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Sumeeko Industries Company Limited

AI is taking center stage in Taiwan’s manufacturing sector by driving change and boosting global competitiveness. Sumeeko Industries Company Limited – a metal fastener and screw manufacturer – expects to increase its production accuracy rates by 50%, and triple its efficiency by using AI.

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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC)

In an effort to become a “100% digital operation”, MFTBC in Japan has created its own AI-powered chatbot, so its 10,000 employees can access the information and assistance they need. The same technology will soon enhance customer services, productivity, and maintenance quality across the whole company.

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