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Learn more about remote working, online schooling and community support during the COVID-19 outbreak
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Asia Stories

Public Sector

Families, Communities and Disability Services of NSW

The NSW state government is leveraging Microsoft’s data collection tool to power the By Name List multi-platform app, which matches people with suitable, safe accommodation and care. As a result, 1,000 rough sleepers have found permanent housing across the state in recent weeks.

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Supreme Court of Philippines

Due to safe distancing measures, the Supreme Court of Philippines decided to enable video conferencing hearings using Microsoft 365, innovative Office web applications, and cloud combined with world-class security. Since then, courts nationwide have implemented Microsoft 365 to expedite trials and liberate more than 4,000 people.

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The Parliament of the Maldives

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced even one of the world’s most remote countries, the Maldives, into a full lock-down, with all citizens, including the parliament, mandated to work from home. In order to keep the parliament running for its 538,000 residents during this crisis, its 87 lawmakers have fully transitioned to Teams for parliamentary sessions.

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National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

Historic data can boost climate research, but much of it, being handwritten, can be difficult to decipher. NIWA and Microsoft teamed up to make AI handwriting recognition more accurate and efficient, starting with an 80-year-old weather log from 1939 when it snowed all over New Zealand.

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Kakadu National Park

As invasive species are shrinking habitats and displacing native plants in Australia, the Healthy Country project turned to AI and machine learning to combine indigenous knowledge, research, and data to assist in managing the park. Technology removes the need to manually comb through mountains of footage to count animals and identify vulnerable areas.

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Lookinhg forward inside a car with a dribver on the righthand side.

Dehradun Regional Transport Office (RTO)

To decrease chaotic, unsafe traffic for Uttarakhand citizens, Microsoft Research India assisted RTO to develop HAMS—an AI, smartphone-based driving test system replacing human evaluators in issuing licenses to ensure only qualified drivers are given licenses.

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Man looking at a laptop on the hood of his pickup truck


Water is an asset that is critical to the success of every community. Adopting a three-cloud approach—Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure—WaterNSW in Australia can now support their national critical computing, which translates to streamlined operations and reliable water supply.

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Seoul Metropolitan Government

Nothing is more associated with death and destruction than fire. With the exhaustive data that the Fire Department in South Korea has provided, a professor from Hongik University developed a new model to analyse and predict the probability of fires so that authorities could take action to make the city safer for its more than 9 million residents.

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Kaga City

After a massive snowstorm in February 2018, Kaga City, Japan turned to the Internet of Things (IoT) as they needed a better solution to execute snow plow operations than rely on external vendors. They developed a digital system that could manage and coordinate the city’s snowstorm response.

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Man with hat on a boat

Northern Territory Fisheries

Identifying and counting fish species in murky water filled with deadly predators is a difficult job. But scientists in Australia’s Northern Territory are working on an artificial intelligence project with Microsoft that has incredible potential for marine conservation around the world.

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Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has looked to volunteers and an AI-powered mobile app to monitor the conditions of public restrooms by capturing photos for analysis. Since the program started, over 11,000 photos have been used to train a sanitation recognition model to identify and evaluate the conditions of public restrooms around the country.

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ICRISAT, United Phosphorous and Government of Karnataka

In India, Microsoft in collaboration with ICRISAT has developed an AI Sowing App that has empowered small-holder farmers to increase their income through 30% higher crop yields. Microsoft is also collaborating with United Phosphorous to create the Pest Risk Prediction API and with the government of Karnataka to use price forecasting.

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